Prestwold Hall Loughborough anybody?

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Just wonder if anybody was getting married at Prestwold hall/Has got married there?

We are getting married on the 29th April 2011.


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  • Hi there

    I'm getting married at Prestwold. 10th September 2010. We looked at quite a lot of places but this was for me by far the best. So excited! I love the reception room, the light that floods in.

    We are meeting with Nicky in March to discuss things. She seems really nice.

    How far along are you with your planning?
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    Hi Hun - I can't believe I missed your reply!

    I am so excited too! - it's such a stunning venue - are you getting married at St Andrews?

    I've been to the church twice now (don't normally go to church) - but love to go and just imagine myself walking down the isle on my big day!

    I've choosen my dress and bought my shoes - although seen a pair by Gina that I absolutely love as well and would match the bodice of my dress perfectly - but love the shoes I have already got as well!!!!!

    I've got my flowergirl dresses and know what I'm having for my page boy's. I known the design I'm having for my big bridesmaids and the mens suits.

    Think I've now found the wedding car I want - but struggling with finding a photographer that I like.

    I see you were thinking about Kate Hughes - did you book her in the end?

    How's your planning going?


  • Hi ladies

    Sorry for hijacking your thread - I got married at Prestwold (St Andrews for the ceremony) back in September. It was absolutely beautiful and Prestwold / Nikki really did us proud.

    Here's the link to a few of our photos - hope these help - but happy to share any info on our day if that helps either of you.

    Couple on here:

    **removed links!**

    And then a few more on here:

    **removed links!**

    Hope these help. Prestwold is absolutely beautiful and we felt so lucky to have our special day there. Good choice ladies!!!!! image


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    Hi hun

    Stunning pictures - i've actually come across these before loved the colour scheme so much that i'm having gold as well. Also love the way you did your menu cards - so i've copied that idea as well!

    I'd love to hear all about your day and if there is anything you recommend or would do differently?

  • Hi there

    Lovely having a prestwold hall thread up and running!

    Mrs F - I love your photos. You look stunning, Its making me very excited about my own day.

    Suzannah - I'm getting married at a catholic church in Leicester but St Andrews does look very beautiful. Have you looked at Arabella Carter Johnson for photography? We are having her. She's had great reviews on here and having met her, I feel I'm in safe hands!

    My wedding shoes arrived today. I ordered a Benjamin Adams pair and I love them! Feels like there is so much to do.

    Mrs F, can I ask where you spent your first night? It's such a shame Prestwold doesn't have a honeymoon suite!

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    Hi Hun,

    I actually emailed Arabella - she was recommended - but unfortuantely, she's already booked - seems photographers get booked up quickley - although in fairness I am getting married over a bank holiday weekend so may be more popular than other dates.

    I think i've found my photographer though! - His name is David Murray - his pictures blew me away, I actually felt quite emotional viewing his work - they were just stunning - meeting him in march (he's based in Cheshire but will travel) so fingers crossed i've found the 'one'!

    How exciting - which ones did you order? I love his style although it amuses me that the website refers to the shoes as 'practical for every occasion' not sure my feet would agree with that!

    I've gone for these ones

    although not sure i'm going to be able to last all day in them!

    I agree re first night - but then the price would be considerably more!! I've got family coming over so need to find somewhere where they can all stay - was originally thinking of staying in the same place as them but probably won't now because I want to keep the costs down for all of them but equally, want something special for the wedding night.
  • Oh those shoes are to die for! Simply gorgeous. I got my shoes in the sale at high society bridal. I think they're called Arden. Quite simply really, but I felt I had to try and save money somewhere image Had a look at your photographer too. Very impressive. I think the photos have a real romantic honesty to them. What I'm kind of hoping to get with Arabella.

    I went with Kit Hall in the end for hair and make up. There were so many great reviews on here about her. I'm going to have my trial in May, so I'm busy trying to get my hair in super condition. I've become obsessed with Kerastase!

    It's really difficult with regard to the first night because I don't want to have to travel too far to get there, but then as you said, you want something special. Stapleford Park looks lovely. Or Langar Hall. I need to get a move on with things really.

    Have you decided on a colour scheme/theme? I'm going for ivory, pearl and lavender. I guess a bit of a vintage theme.

    Would love to hear some more of your wedding plans.

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    Thanks hun - sure you're shoes are gorgeous too.

    I think their styles are very similar - with her track record you'll have stunning pics!

    I know what you mean about trying to save money where you can - the costs soon add up! I hate thinking about the cost of things - i've splashed out on the things that are more important to us and saved in other areas where I can - for example i'm not having flowers (other than for my bouquet) as the church and venue are simply (in my view) stunning enough.

    I'm going to have a go at making my own invites, order of service, name tags favours etc - I'd really like to have silk ones - probably being a bit to ambitious buy hey i'm going to give it a go.

    I'm having this style for my bridesmaids

    Although having them made as it's a lot cheaper.

    Colour scheme i'm having is gold/ivory/Dusky pink (bridesmaids) and my theme is the forest. Thought trees and solid roots etc have some nice similarities to foundations of marriage - (and h2b proposed in Sherfood forest at the major oak very early one morning with nobody around!) found a nice tree reading and i'm having a gold glitter tree for a wishing tree - rather than having a guest book. I'm having gold branches with lights on for centre pieces - got the idea from this ladies beautiful pictures

    One of my best friends makes cakes so she is making my wedding cake.

    Were having a string quartet to play during drinks ceremony and would love to book fireworks as surprise for h2b - he would love them but just depends on whether we can afford it with all the other expense! - i've got this really lovely idea of a fluffy shawl for me and handing out ivory pashminas for the ladies to keep the chill off whilst they are watching the fireworks - we'll see!

    Iovely choice of colours - have you though what your having for table centre pieces?

    Think it's really important to visit the accom venues if you can and get a feel for the place - i visited the courtyard at the grange at the weekend - group of cottages - internet pics looked lovely but was very disappointed and knew instantly it just wasn't what I was looking for - so glad I did because otherwise I would have been so disappointed!
  • Hi ladies

    Can totally sympathise with you on the accomodation front. We spent months and months and months trying to find somewhere to stay - why don't they just turn that little cottage on the drive on the left into a honeymoon suite?! Would be so much easier!!

    warner2b we actually hired a self catering cottage which was 15 mins drive away from Prestwold, in Notts. It was absolutely beautiful - down a really long private path, with its own garden, in the middle of fields (perfect for pre-wedding photos!). The inside was all wooden beams and two beds. And it was a bargin!! We're hoping to go back for a weekend one anniversary. The lady who owned it knew we were a wedding party and was really flexible in terms of the photographer / make up lady being there and having a late check out too. Website is here:

    We also fancied this place in Sutton Bonnington but it was closed the week of our wedding - looks gorge though:

    Also Prestwold's sister venue, Sutton Bonnington, have gorgoeous bedrooms, but you can only have them if they don't have a wedding on (and they hang on for late bookings too!!). Stapleford Hall also gorge but a little further out (and a little pricey, but hey, it's your first night).

    Suzannah I could bore you to tears with the details of my day but suffice to say Prestwold will make sure you have a perfect day.

    In relation to St. Andrews, they were really flexible with us (they let us choose what order we walked down the ailse, bridesmaids first, let us have non-religious readings, and bring in a different choir) so my only tip would be talk to your vicar lots (we had John who was just brilliant). The only other thing I would say is learn which way to walk when you leave the church to go to Prestwold - only after we got married and realised we had guests waiting for us to walk over to the hall did we actually realise we'd never walked from the church to the hall before and didn't actually know the best way!!!

    We didn't do canapes (they were a little pricey!) but we had Pimms on arrival and had garden games on the recommendation of Nikki which went down really well with the children and big children!! We just bought a giant Jenga and Croquet, much cheaper than hiring them.

    The food is amazing and Prestwold will run the day for you like clockwork. The DJ they recommend is really good, worth having (the dance floor was full the entire time he was on!). Prestwold will also help you do little different things to - like helping us hide goody bags under the tables, looking after a birthday cake (as it was the best mans birthday!) and finding space for the photobooth we had in the evening (well worth having!!).

    My only other recommendations would be to to make sure you and your new hubby have some time alone to take it all in as the day will fly by without you knowing it.

    If you want any other info just say - your plans all sound beautiful. Hope you both have amazing days - sure you will!

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    Just looked at the website for the cottages Fletch. They look lovely. I can just imagine staying there for a couple of nights before we head off on our honeymoon. So good to hear that the food is good. We haven't decided on the menu yet, but all of it sounds so good.

    Suzannah - who are you having as your string quartet? That's on my still to arrange list.I love your bridesmaid dresses. I'm going with my bridesmaids to a bridal shop in Market Harborough.

    I'm looking at this style


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    Prestwold's a contender for me venue-wise but we haven't decided 100% yet.

    What were your second choice venues everyone?

    I have an idea of what I want for my dress, menus and table names and have provisionally booked my entertainment ( for anybody that's yet to book he's FAB! I can't confirm him until I have my venue so I really need to get my finger out! Is it wrong to have your heart set on your entertainment but to be unsure about your venue!?!?!;)

    It's as though the little things are all clear in my mind (favours, invites etc) but the venue, exact date etc are hazy!;)
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