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Marquee Hire Surrey, Hampshire recommendations please!!!

Hello lovely ladies

Just wondering if anyone has used any Marquee companies in this area. I'm getting a few quotes together.

Any experience good and bad would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you




  • HI,

    My friend had these guys for her 21st birthday!

    it was stunning!

  • 4months4months Posts: 555 New bride
    Super Events -- we are having them for our wedding !! They have been absolutely amazing - the guy even had a car accident on his way to see us, waited for the pick up truck - got them to drop him at home, picked up another car and was on his way to see us - we told him to rest and come another day ! They are always there to answer an email, or ask a question no matter how silly you think it is. package is great, they are doing our food,marquee and drink !! we are soooo impressed so far !! xx
  • cherikeyukcherikeyuk Posts: 133
    Hey Georgie...

    Finding a venue is soooo hard... Ours cancelled 5 months before the wedding & we considered hiring a marquee. We got great service when we enquired from this crowd if you're interested:

    Good Luck hun!
  • Joe7Joe7 Posts: 1


    Stumbled on this post and thought a more recent recommendation would be useful if anyone else finds this page.

    I've used recently for an event in Hampshire and they did a fantastic job. I believe they cover Surrey too!

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