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seating plan - how much??

I'd like to get a professional seating plan done for the wedding - does anyone know how much this costs? I'm on a tight budget so if anyone can recommend a company I'd really appreciate it!


  • rinnieukrinnieuk Posts: 158
    I was going to order one and my future sister in law who makes greeting cards said she would help me make one. Theme is flowers so bought flower punch and different colour card. Printed up name lists and stuck them all on a big board. Really nice to make it as you can have exactly what you want. All materials cost me about £15!!!
  • I know confetti do them you should check their website, think it's around £20
  • jules0112jules0112 Posts: 693
    You can get them on Ebay to, and they will do them to match your theme.

    Jules x
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    Try confetti you can download them of the computer
  • bugbabe2bugbabe2 Posts: 174
    To be honest with you they are really really easy to make and a lot of companies charge so much for them. I agree confetti is the way to go. It is a strating block at least. All it is, is a big piece of card with other card stuck on. I made one for my friends wedding last year and will make mine as well and they cost hardly anything at all.

    Here is a link to confetti that tells you how to go about making it:

    You could always start making it now and then just add your names once you have the final details!

    Hope that helps!
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