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I'm thinking of organising a chocolate fountain at the wedding reception as a surprised for H2B but am wondering whether or not this would be too much with cake as well. We plan on using the cake instead of offering dessert and won't be bothering with things like a sweetie buffet or favours.


  • Bear0803Bear0803 Posts: 848
    I dont think its too much hun, we too are having a choccy fountain, our cake is a cup cake tower and we only have enough for the day guests to take home after the meal so this way with the choccy fountain, everyone has a try of it and no one is left out.

    I think they make great talking points too and can be prefered to a cake slice whic can be heavy, even grandmas and aunt Bess will have a dunk of a choccy strawberry!
  • tomndanxxtomndanxx Posts: 306
    We are not having dessert either - but then we are not having a sit down 3 course meal! We are having a buffet. We are having the cake and a chocolate fountain. But, if the choc fountain goes down really well, and then people dont really want cake, they can always take a piece home! Mmm, wedding cake for breakfast - yummy!!

  • No.. its not too much.. we had both choc fountain and 5 tier wedding cake!
  • maggie22maggie22 Posts: 910
    We are having a dessert, cake, chocolate fountain and a sweetie buffet!!!


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  • kikki21ukkikki21uk Posts: 1,114
    We are having a buffet and a cake, we are also making our own cupcakes and cookies and we are also planning a chocolate fountain so yummy!

    We are having quite a few kids at the reception so I think it will go down well with them as well as the adults! x
  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    yummy no i dont thnk its too much at all.

    think everyone will enjoy it

  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    hi, we are having late buffet as our meal , a cupcake wedding cake which the guests can eat or take home and a chocolate fountain. we have a lot of kids coming so think it will be perfect but really its me that loves the chocolate and after all the dieting for wedding think il need it!
  • Thanks for the replies, we've got a few kids coming to the wedding so think it'd go down well with them as well as H2B
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    We are having loads of food and there'll only be about 70 people! We have a four course meal with dessert, and then the 4 tier cake will be cut up and served with the evening buffet, and we're having a cascade of 3 chocolate fountains too! We are taking the top two tiers of the cake home with us - perhaps you could take some cake home too? xx
  • NYproposalNYproposal Posts: 422
    We had canapes, a three course meal, chocolates as favours on the table, as our wedding had a chocolate theme and all the tables were named after choccie bars, when coffee was bought out, a bar of choccie that matched their table name was bought out per guest, we had a chocolate fountain, wedding cake AND buffet. NO-ONE went hungry at my wedding, lol

    People do talk about our choc fountain and say how great it was. I got one strawberry all night though and new hubby got nothing, boooo xxx
  • Hi, we are doing the exact same!! however we have scrapped the choc fountain idea, and instead we are having a tier of our cake chocolate fudge, people wont eat both and also chocolate fountain makes you feel sick!!!! lol
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    I don't think its too much. I'm sure that some food will get wasted anyway but its all about the personal touches that you add to the day that matters in my opinion.

    We're having canapes with champagne, a 5 course meal, chocolates, coffee, petit fours, sweet buffet with marshmallows, strawberry bonbons, mint imperials, cupcakes, coconut ice, jelly beans, choc favours, a full evening buffet, wedding cake with choc fudge cake and vanilla sponge and buttercream and I might even make some home made cookies and more cupcakes.

    We only have 38 days guests and a further 20 - 30 in the evening.

    I don't think anyone will be able to say there was a lack of food lol
  • We had chocolate fountain as our dessert for 90 day guests and it's still talked about now as it was so yummy and also looked great set up. We also had a four teir wedding cake which was served with our evening buffet for 130 night guests and we took top teir home. XxXx
  • loulou_bloulou_b Posts: 466
    we're having both too...

    our 4 tier cake will be fruit, carrot and sponge tiers. and the choc fountain. both to go with the buffet in the evening.

    we also chose a non-chocolate dessert with the wedding breakfast so that the day guests wouldnt be all chocolated out!image
  • i would love a choc fountain if my budget let me!
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