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I have book my reception at stoke rochford hall not in the library in the Rochford room. After reading the complaint about Belvoir castle its made me worry about my venue. Has anyone been to a wedding there before? or is planning on getting married there?:\?


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    I've been to a wedding. Check out some of the comments on the Stubton wedding, a few brides discounted it because they couldn't have it exclusively for their numbers.

    Its also the reason I turned it down, I also have 130 guests and it'd be pretty cramped in the conservatory and the layout would be long and thin which I didn't like (it'd take 5 minutes to get up the aisle).

    The grounds are beautiful, some of the rooms are quite corporate so I imagine you'll need a substantial flower budget. The dark wood room is beautiful though and the photos I saw were amazing.

    Food was ok, drinks reasonably priced.

    Their recommended photographer (pure light) just took some photos for one of the stubton brides and her pics were amazing.
  • where are the comments on the stubton wedding?
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    Hi, we're getting married at stoke rochford church and hall this summer, but in the library. We were so impressed by how beautiful it is. I think it speaks for itself and doesn't necessarily need a lot of decoration - a marquee would be much higher maintanence. I've found the staff there fairly helpful, one particular manager was a bit cold and distant, treating us a bit like our wedding was only one on a conveyor belt. My mum doesn't pull any punches though, and after making her views known this person called to apologise! I've not been for the final discussion yet though, but have hounded them with questions along the way that they've seemed happy to answer. I think the orangery is such a beautiful room, and is the only room i've seen that made me waver on the church wedding for a civil ceremony! When is your wedding and how far have you got with your plans?
  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    ps - I was told we may not have exclusive use of the venue, but have since found out that their is a slight leak in the orangery roof that they can't afford to repair, and in the very unlikely event it flooded (it would need to rain torrentially for weeks) the room that you first walk into would need to be used for evening entertainment - therefore if there were two weddings on the same day, this wouldn't work. The member of staff who told me this had worked there for years and had never known 2 weddings on the same day because of this.
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