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music for the reception - ideas needed!!!!

Hi all!

I am getting married 4th Sept at Fountains Abbey, Ripon and we are having our reception in the restaurant on site.

I am after some ideas for the music at the reception - dj? live band? other?

Originally we had planned to take along our extensive itunes library, hire a sound system & let people add music into a playlist, something a bit interactive.

I still like the sound of the idea but am not 100% sure....any suggestions would be welcome.




  • debbiep73debbiep73 Posts: 469
    Lots of people use IPod especially if they are on a limited budget i think it is a good idea if you have the sound system to go with it, we looked into a live band but found them really expensive so are going for a band we saw at a wedding fair, these have lights etc and you get a confetti bomb which looks really good, also if you book them at the fair or just after you get a discount image
  • kelmarukkelmaruk Posts: 86
    Why not go for a solo singer? Bands are too expensive but it's great to have something live. It doesnt have to be cheesy - try

    We're having him for the whole evening and get the disco included in the package - bargain!

    Good luck! x
  • summer3940summer3940 Posts: 105
    I like the ipod / dj where everyone can choose a song,as speaking to a elderly relative about another wedding he said all night they just played dance music. So at least that way you know noone is feeling left out x
  • amylou26amylou26 Posts: 6
    Glad none of you think the iPod thing is a bad idea, thanks ! image

    Kelmar - checked out Adam's site; he looks great & is already booked for my date - 04/09/10! Hope you enjoy it, he seems very popular.

    Do you mind me asking how much he charges? I really have no idea how much soloists / bands charge.

    To be honest I am starting to wonder if it may be too late to book anyone decent!

  • Hi were doing the ipod thing - but instead of letting people choose on the day Ive asked them to send me their fav cheesy dance floor filler, love song, song that reminds them of being 16/18 etc and the like and Im making a playlist (lucky we have a pretty huge music library so fingers crossed wont cost the earth!) That way its music people like and will hopefully get everyone up and dancing! x
  • Hi There,

    Whilst an ipod is a great money saving idea I really don't think a band can be beaten for providing a great atmosphere. We've hired a great band let me know if you would like details.

  • samineuksamineuk Posts: 6
    I think the ipod idea instead of a dj is great, might pinch that one for myself! A great singer that we had for our new year party who we're hoping to get for our wedding too is Vicki Goddard

    Maybe try and see if she's available?
  • we are having a DJ - was originally an i-pod with lights we would hire - but found that a DJ was just as competitive price-wise.. We are asking everyone to send us their fav 3 songs to dance to, and we'll have a chat with the DJ beforehand and put together a play list so that we know people will dance!
  • LoubieFlissLoubieFliss Posts: 107
    OMG Kelmar I've booked Adam too! He's AMAZING!

    Amylou that's such a shame! I know that for "peak dates" (Saturdays in the Summer) the whole thing (swing show, soul/pop show, live first dance, disco, sound, lights, starcloth etc) is around £1,000. Adam's the best though so I'm sure you'll find cheaper alternatives too. Have you tried contacting him for suggestions? Sarah (who deals with his diary) must know of other acts surely. Worth a shot!
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