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Venue with outside space and BBQ or hogroast in Brighton?


Has anyone found a venue in the Brighton or Hove area that has outdoor space (gardens or patio) and who will do a BBQ or hog roast? And at a reasonable price!

We want to have an informal BBQ or hog roast instead of a sit-down wedding breakfast, but are finding it hard to find a venue who has a.) got decent size outdoor space and/or b.) who are willing to do a BBQ or hogroast. The reception will be for 100 people and ideally we want it to be held near the sea/beach/West Pier.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Many thanks


  • May be too far from the sea front for you but Pangdean Barn at Pyecombe has beautiful gardens if weather is nice, but also great space inside the barn if not. They're also very accommodating and will do all kinds of bbq's/ hogroasts.
  • I don't think they have a licence for the ceremony, but the beach volleyball club might be an option for your reception.

    Good luck! Just starting to plan my Brighton wedding myself.
  • Thanks for the suggestions - I have actually looked into Pangdean Barn already and it is perfect in every way - except the price! It is just too expensive for our budget unfortunately. it is still my perfect venue for incase we have a lottery win anytime soon...

    I enquired with Yellowave too but they advised that they will only do weddings from November to February now as the setting up/taking down takes too long for them to do in the summer months when they have the sports on. Otherwise that would have been a great idea as they do BBQ's! I thought having a BBQ or hog roast would be an easy and cheap option but it is not proving to be the case!

    Minkoir, enjoy your wedding planning it is amazing how huge this industry is!!
  • hey this place isn't in Brighton it's in seaford (on the way to eastbourne) but is only a short drive away. they have loads of outside space, are willing to do BBQs and are licensed for ceremony. You can see the sea from here as well and it is even lovelier than it looks on the website in real life!

    its where we want to get married image

  • We're getting married in Florence House - and I'm SO excited, it's a gorgeous venue and the people who run it are really helpful.

  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    Could you look into pubs with a function room and beer garden that you could have exclusive use of?

    That would work and not be too expensive.
  • Have just looked on Florence House's website and it looks lovely - I love how all the rooms have doors into the garden - I will definitely contact them for more info.

    Pubs with a function room and beer garden are a great idea too - I found Hangleton Manor which looked good but they don't do BBQ's unfortunately. I will keep looking for more pubs though as this would keep costs down too.

    Many thanks!
  • 22222222 Posts: 1

    how much approx were quotes for pangdean??? still waiting to hear back.... 


  • NatHilNatHil Posts: 1

    Did you ever contact Florence House? I am looking to have a very similar style wedding and am also struggling with finding a venue cos we have our hearts set on being married at the Brighton Bandstand but don't want to have the usual hotel style reception. I would love to hear back from you on what you found and if you wouldn't mind giving a rough idea on quoted cost - we're on a pretty tight budget.

  • m hm h Posts: 1

    The Big Fig Brighton has it all! 

    Venue - hall, garden & yurt, hogroast, feast, or buffet catering

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