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Hiya can anyone recommend a good venue in or around the Altrincham area! I work in a restaurant and the chef has said he will do the food for me, which is great. But having trouble finding anywhere that will let you bring your own food!



  • Hiya,

    you could try this website:

    they list a load of venues you just need to specify area, etc.

    Do you have somebody doing your chair covers? Just I'm also in manchester area and have found a great venue dressers, their websites:

    gd luck with finding your venue imagexxx
  • Have you tried Arley Hall.. my friend wants to get married there and I think they allow outside caterers..! I've been recently and it's a gorgeous venue!

  • Thank you! I love the divinedesigns website. Has some lovely things on it and really reasonable!

    Also Arley Hall is really nice but a bit far!

    Thanks so much for you help! xxx
  • Your welcome becky! me too, divinedesigns are brilliant and the lady is really nice and very helpful! xxx
  • Selina11Selina11 Posts: 2

    I know I'm a bit late to the party (approximately 6 years oops) but thought it would still be helpful for anybody still looking for a wedding venue in Altrincham or surrounding areas in Cheshire! 

    I would recommend this venue for anybody looking to have a unique and vintage style wedding, it really is beautiful!! 

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