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anyone else marrying in Somerset? I am getting married at St.Audries park on 08.08.08.

Not from the area, just found my dream venue there!


  • ninamukninamuk Posts: 159
    Hi there! I haven;t been on here for months.... and I am now super excited I finally know someone who is gettin married at St Audries! Like you, its my dream venue, I only know about it cause someone at work went to a wedding there... we had literally looked at about 20 before that but walked in and just knew we had to get married there.... I don;t even live that far away and had never heard of it... good kept secret image

    So where are you from? and hows the plans going? We get married on 29th Sep! I am counting down the days! Think were pretty organised... or I am he he... invites are being printed this week.... me and H2B designed them.... there very us and will set the scene for the wedding... hope people like them x
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    ooohhh Nina I am so excited to find another st.audries bride to be! Just like you we looked at so many venues all over the country and nothing came close to the place. It was love at first sight. Congratulations, its an amazing place to be married.

    I actually viewed it alone as my h2B had to work, but he saw it a couple of weeks ago with me and loves it just as much.

    We actually live in Leeds, so it's hardly on our doorstep image so you are from the area? I might need to pick your brains about suppliers then if thats ok, as I am doing it all so remotely from leeds.

    our wedding is much sooner than ours, how far are you with planning? i've sorted a few things, photographer, music but lots more to do.

    Lovely idea to make your own invites, we are conidering it too, as I blew the budget on my dress!

    So do tell me more about your wedding... we can swap st. audries stories now!!

    Catherine xxx
  • ninamukninamuk Posts: 159
    I also saw it the first time without H2B, I managed to sneak out for a long lunch (work about 25mins away) and live just south of Bristol, and feel in love with the place the minute I drove down the drive, it was everything I dreamed of! Then a few days later I dragged H2B along and his face said it all, we were sold! Its ace having someone else who I can share that with image

    We are using David Pullum for our photography, are you using him? He is recomended by St Sudries and well, his work is out of this world.... he is perfect! Also have all enteratainment booked and have a lovely loacl florist doing the flowers (I can give you her detaisl if you want - she works from home but her stuff is REALLY good and when we met she knew exactly what I wanted) I have a hair dresser coming down from Gloucester as was finding it a nightmare to find a local hairdresser that would actually come to the venue, I assume your staying there the night before? In which case, again if you want her details? Have the wedding dress - like you kinda blew the budget but hey its gota be perfect right he he and I have the bridesmaids dresses! Have organised some local hotels to hold rooms as I think were going to do a coach back to and from the hotels for those who can't stay at St Audries....

    I am like you though, so much more to do!

    I def reckon you should try and do your own invites, ours are lovely... can't wait to get them back from the printers on the weekend... its so exciting! Makes it all a little more personal! Just trying to think of all the little things that need to be done, or well not so little I guess!

    Anyway, I think I have gone on enough, feel free to email me through the link and we can talk more or happy to talk through the site and I will help you with anything I can! If you need me to check out anything for you or anything, just ask and if you need any contacts for local things, again, very happy to assist how ever I can!

  • Wow more St Audries Brides *yay*. I'm getting married there 5th Oct 2007. Myself and H2B saw a pic of it on the net and went to their open day we took H2B dad as well. The three of us loved it and just felt it was so right for us,

    How are you all getting on with the hair and makeup side of things? I've hit a stumbling block here as I live in Bristol and the places I founed in Taunton don't go to St Audires or aren't answering phones or emails. If I find anyone who replies I'll let you guys know.

    How are all the other plans coming along?

    I have the cake , the flowers and the photographer sorted, Also know what invites I'm getting. I've done a lot of stuff online. This is the cake persons website I sent her a picture of the cake we wanted and asked if she could do anything simialr she agreed and I'm very happy with the watercolour she did. She is really friendly and replies quickly to emails.

    Are you geting married in the orangerie or the house? Sorry I'm just so excited to see other people are getting married there.

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  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi Monkey girl- I'm getting married in Somerset and the mobile hairdresser I'm using lives in Ilminster which is about 20 mins from Taunton. If you get stuck let me know and I'll give you her number. I haven't found a freelance make up artist though, so it looks like myself or bridesmaids will be doing mine! I've picked up loads of tips on here and have a list for the perfect make up bag!!LoL!!
  • Hi gnasher that sounds like a good plan what are the prices like and do you get a trial as well?

    Um how comes the colour code box doesn't work anymore :\?
  • bjoyceukbjoyceuk Posts: 78
    Hi Girls

    I'm from Taunton which is quite near St Audries. I'm getting married on 14th September but unfortunately my budget didn't quite stretch far enough for St are all very lucky ladies!!

    If you want any ideas for contacts then just fire them at me. I'll try my best to help...

    I am using a make-up artist called Gelia. She comes well recommended and has done a few friends weddings, so I know she is good. Her company is called Perfection Make-ups and the tel no is 01823 278507

    Bev x
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi MonkeyGirl- well shes not cheap but I'd say her prices are average when I read other posts on here. The trial cost 85 pounds, but that was for myself and one of my BMs. She spent about 4-5 hours with us and tried 3 different styles on me and 2 on my BM. We were impressed, our hair looked lovely.

    On the day mine will cost 45 pounds and the BMs 35 each. She did however add 20 pound for travel and expenses which I thought was alot, but shes good and really nice. Her name is Helen and her number is 01460 57528. You could have a trial on your own which would be cheaper but it was nice to involve my BM as shes the only one that lives locally. Good luck x
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi Bev- I'm getting married in Somerset but not St Audries- I agree it looks fab though. Where is your make up artist based as I live about 40 mins from taunton? x
  • bjoyceukbjoyceuk Posts: 78
    Hi Gnasher

    She is based in Taunton, but I am sure she travels. She is charging £30 for the trial and then £25 per person on the day which I thought was great. I am getting married at Hornsbury Mill, near Chard and she is willing to travel there so you should be okay

    Bev x
  • Hi Bev. Does yours do hair aswell? How much does she charge?

    Thanks for that Gnasher. My Bridesmaids live miles from me so we shall have to see as I would like their hair done for the day.
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Mrsfletcher those prices are really good. I love hornsbury mill, i've been to a couple of weddings there, very nice! Good luck MonkeyGirl, hope you get something sorted x
  • bjoyceukbjoyceuk Posts: 78
    Monkey Girl

    Unfortunately she only does the make-up. My regular hairdresser is doing mine and my bridesmaids hair

    The make-up lady charges £30 for the trial and then £25 per person on the day ;\)
  • ktbrooks2bktbrooks2b Posts: 88
    Hello everyone,

    I'm getting married at St Audries too, 4th Sept 08. I'm originally from the area and made up my mind as soon as the other half proposed that we were going back to Somerset to do it. St Audries was the only place we saw, we walked in and it felt right straight away. It just seems like we have forever to wait til the day now!

    Thanks for the contacts for make up ladies.

    Anyone managed to find a good band?
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi ktbrooks2b- we bookeed our DJ through wessex entertainment. We really wanted 'Elvis' who is managed by them as he is fab but was already booked. They have bands, solo singers etc and cover taunton so might be worthe a look. Their website is

    Good luck x
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    Hi Girls

    it's great to find other St.Audries brides. KT it seems you and I are later than everyone else,being next year.

    It will be fun to hear how everyones wedding goes there as the months go by.

    It's the most perfect place and spectacular for weddings, we are thrilled with it.

    How are all your plans getting on? I live in Leeds so all the advice about suppliers is really really helpful!

    Cath x
  • ktbrooks2bktbrooks2b Posts: 88
    How are all your plans getting on? I live in Leeds so all the advice about suppliers is really really helpful!

    Cath x

    I've not done a huge amount to be honest because it's so far away, although everyone keeps telling me that it'll creep on us in no time!

    I've shoved everything wedding related in a cupboard because always being one to do everything at once and not make life easy for ourselves we're selling up and moving house. What is wrong with me!!! image

    We have booked the photographer though and sort of looked into what invites we want but that's about it apart from writing a rough guest list.

    We're back off to take the parents around St Audries the week after next to satisfy their curiosity, let's hope they like it as much as we do.... not that it matters of course.

    You must've loved St Audries for you to have picked it and be living in Leeds. I agree, it's a lovely place and has such a great feel about it. I'm loving the four poster beds too and the massive bathrooms!!!


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  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    hello all somerset brides. we had gone a bit quiet so am just checking in to see how everyones plans are going?

    praying for good weather? after all this rain at least the scenery will look lush! lol

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