Good but Cheap Wedding band in Derbyshire Help!?

Hi Ladies,

My entertainment has gone pear shaped!! to cut a long story short my parents friends are in a band and agreed to do our wedding for next to nothing, however there has been problems in the band and they are now splitting up! We get married in Cyprus and are having a UK evening reception back home in Derby on Friday 18th June, but did not really budget for a band, however we could stretch to £500, not much i know . So my question is does anyone know of a good all round band with a male lead vocal (grooms request!!) in the Derbyshire/Midlands area that would be within that price range??


Nicola xx


  • Try the Disco Biscuits. They are based in Derby, they're very good! Have a look at their myspace page.

    Don't know how much they charge though.

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  • LoubieFlissLoubieFliss Posts: 107
    Thank God you have a few months to sort it out!

    From what I've seen, good bands are well over £1,000/£1,500. Why don't you try a singer? Mine is (made that sound like I own him didn't I, "MINE!") He's over your £500 budget but there's no harm in asking I guess. If not, he might be able to make a suggestion?

    Good luck!image
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