the city rooms leicester

hi just wondered if they is anyone who has or will be getting married at the city rooms in leicester? we absolutely love it but theres just the issue of there are no grounds outside to have photos on. Has anyone come across this with their venue and where are you having your photos taken?


becki x


  • LilleaukLilleauk Posts: 370

    Not planning my reception at The City Rooms but was a bridesmaid there last summer and just wanted to say that the venue is so sofisticated and my friend had some beautiful photos taken inside, at the grand piano, on the staircase etc...

    Classy choice of venue!

    Lillea x
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    Had my reception there - it was a december wedding so didnt bother with outside. My photos were taken in the ball room and I love them, just stunning. Wouldnt have chosen that venue for a summer wedding, but it was perfect for our christmas/festive theme xxx
  • LoubieFlissLoubieFliss Posts: 107
    That was our problem with that venue too - perfect inside but stepped out to a view of the Goose on Hotel Street!

    Having said that we've seen venues that have great grounds but dodgy insides (that's definitely worse!)
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