When should the wedding singer sing?


I am a total newbie to posting on the site (have been looking at the boards since summer and have finally managed to put myself on here). Hi and pleased to finally meet you!

Anyway..I am after some advice from you lovely ladies.

We are in the process of booking Simon Partridge www.simonpartridge.co.uk to sing at our wedding for one and a half hours (2 x 40 min sets).

I really enjoy his style of singing - 30s and 40s, but am not sure when would be the best time to have him perform.

Should it be during the wedding breaksfast leading to our first dance, or a performance after the wedding breakfast with our first dance and half an hour or so of dancing? Or just have him singing while guests mingle?

We're getting married at Homme House in Much Marcle to set the scene(!) and we are going to have an ipod, lights and speakers for dancing afterwards.

The dancing is my fear - are people going to be able to/will want to dance to this style of music?? Anyone else thinking of a similar style of entertainment?

Any advice is welcome!

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