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Hi Ladies - from the old thread or any newbies! This new forum is driving me nuts - can't find old threads, the e-mail notification option has disappeared! SO I thought i'd just start a new one.

Anyway. How are everyone's plans going? I went around florists in Penrith last weekend. Flower World were incredibly friendly and helpful, pulling flowers out to show me what we could do. They've posted me a quote for £135 - my bouquet, three BM bouquets, 5 men's buttonholes and two lady's buttonholes. My bouquets are small and informal, but it's still an amazing price.

Vines and Roses - the woman was a bit vague, didn't really give me any ideas of the flowers or prices.

Coachhouse Flowers - woman lovely, but I had a headache from how scatty she was! The prices were good, but I found the women at Flower World much more helpful.

Flowers Designs - didn't go in, as the girls seemed young and were just sitting around chatting, having a cuppa. The shop didn't seem as nice.

Hairdressers - who are you all having? I've spoken to Greg Malloy, who were really helpful and will open up for me as it's Good Friday next year. They quoted £60, plus another £60 to go out to the hotel and £25 for the trial.

I went to the Inn last weekend too and saw it set up for a wedding and it looked amazing! We're hoping for the gazebo, which looks beautiful now it's finished. Although I timed the walk down the path/aisle and it's pretty much a whole minute!

I'd love to hear form you all again and how your plans are going. Nicola x


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    Hi hi hi !!!! I'm so glad you've restarted niclou, just hope everyone can find us again! I'm so with you on this new forum, its horrible!! And wheres our old thread with all our friends and ideas?? I really wanted to find out how LilMissHappy had got on at her wedding, I think I saw her but wasn't sure if it was and didn't like to interrupt or going running up to some bride going 'umm excuse me but are you LilMissHappy?!' lol, if it wasn't they'd have thought I was mad!!

    Going to try and put some pics up as had my photographer down to the hotel for some pre-wedding shots and ideas of what we will do on the day. Made it seem really real and close!

    Thanks for the info on flower shops, I found the same as you with FlowerWorld and Vine & Roses. My mum and Gran have said they'll do my flowers and Flower World didn't mind at all, and were really helpful with giving me ideas still which was lovely. That seems to be a good price they've given you though.

    Have also been wondering about hair etc, was going to ring Luiza hair and Beauty but not got round to it yet! Think thats who LilMissHappy had. Interesting about Greg malloys though, I didn't realise they would come out to the hotel. Might pop in there too.

    Is there any way we can not loose this thread?? The notification thing has gone hasn't it? We'll have to keep writing on it all the time to keep it up near the top of the forum!!

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    Oh no! Where's my reply gone?! It was really long too image

    Was just posting again to say that I've found the old IOTL thread - stumbled across it currently on page 14 (don't know how long it'll stay that way though!) Also noticed that when you post on a thread it doesn't automatically put it to the top of the forum like it used to, so thats no good either! image

    Come on YAYW sort it out!!!!
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    Greg Malloy's are fab. Try Cappelli too.

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    I was going to ring Capelli - their website is really good, the prices seem fair.

    angelfeesh - I stood in the gazebo on Easter weekend and it felt so, so good! I'm a year away yet, but it got me all excited again. I could totally imagine all our guests sat there and H2B..... Bliss!

    We're having a pre-wedding shoot with our photographer too, which will be great. I hope! Any tips angelfeesh? When's your date?
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    Oo I have just found both threads, I'm sick of the new layout as all the notifications are lost and my bookmarks I had of threads I wanted to refer to with pics and stuff are dud now too.

    I really need to sort out florist and hair and makeup too! Think I will give flower world a ring since you recommend it and the price seems good for what you are getting niclou.

    How are everyone's plans coming along? I'm not very organised and therefore wont be inclined to do anything until it is too late! How far in advance are you giving accommodation info? I think we are doing it over the next couple of weeks to give people a chance to book b&b's at a better price. xx
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    So are we using this thread or the old one?! Hate this new site!!!

    We're getting married on Good Friday next year, so accomodation details have already gone out on the save the dates cards! It's such a small village and taxis will be near impossible to get, so I really worry about everyone getting a bed in the village. Even though i've sent them the details and emphasised it's Easter weekend, i'm sure there'll be someone who doesn't bother and then can't get any!
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    Hello lovely ladies - Thank god i've finally found this thread was wondering where you had all gone

    Hows everyones planning coming along?? Hope you all ok

    Lil Miss Happy posted a thread in the I got married march 2010 - think she titled it Love by the Lake! This stupid bloody site wont let me attach a link tho
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    Hi kelleybell!

    I've planned so much that we could get married next week, and it's a year away yet! We're paying for it all ourselves, so i've had to book things to figure out our budget. And I bought loads of things in the sales, as that will be leaving it a bit late next year. All I need to sort now is my hair, make-up and underwear!
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    Its 26 weeks today till i get married and i am so excited. Got the majority of things sorted just a few little bits and pieces to do. Do you have any ideas on who you will have to do hair and make up. I was going to have luiza for both but someone said that Greg Malloy are fantastic for hair so may have them for my hair and Luiza for make up.

    Am sending my invites oou later this week - hurray x
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    I'm doing my own make-up, so i'm constantly researching and cruising the counters!

    Greg Malloy were lovely on the phone as I said, but they don't have a portfolio of wedding hair they've done, so it really is basing it on recommendations! Capelli hair has a good website with lots of pics. I keep meaning to ring them.

    Kelleybell - you're sending your invites nice and early! Bet there's still people that don't RSVP! I sent accommodation details on the save the dates, because it's Easter weekend we get married, but I bet people still leave it late and can't get a room in the village!
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    We only have 30 guests going as we wanted a small, intimate wedding and all 30 of them have rsvp'd without me even sending the invitations out! I am using them more as a form of menu selection for everyone as we are able to offer them a chice of all courses as long as IOTL have the orders through in enough time. I'm going up to the Lakes at the weekend as me n h2b havent seen much of one another the last few weeks due to work n stuff. We are staying in Bowness and have promised that it will be a weekend of no wedding stuff just spending some time together - although I might just have to pop into IOTL as i love the palce and always feel super chilled when i'm there
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    Just a bump to get us nearer the top again! I hate having to scroll through so many pages to find it!

    How's the planning going?
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    Hey girls! Well I was 2 months the Sunday just gone!! 2nd July, can you believe it? I remember first coming on here and the countdown clock saying 400 and some days! Now I don't know what it is cos the clocks gone, but it is just under 2 months!!!

    I sometimes feel like I've still got so much to do as well! The dresses I want for my bridesmaids are Dorothy Perkins and they've been out of stock for ages, I'm waiting on a 20% weekend at debenhams to get my flower girl dresses, my dress still needs a few finishing touches, I have no idea what H2B is wearing or the rest of the men, apparently its a surprise! I hope its all under way!

    However, I have now booked music (2 local guys who play guitar and sing, called the Inhalers, they're really good!), hair and make-up (Luiza, I rang her up and she sounds really lovely and has done loads at the IOTL), have ordered fairy wings (hand-made from America!)for the flower girls and booked a trip on the steamers!So some days I feel good and other days feel so stressed!

    Oh I've also been and chatted to Flowerworld, as my mum and gran are doing the flowers, but I'll probably get them from Flowerworld.

    My sis is making the cake - a cupcake tower and she has been practising with all different flavours lately - they are sooooo good!

    I can't wait, its all so exciting (and slightly scary as I keep thinking of more and more things I need to get!)

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    Anything new you Inn on the Lake ladies?? Its all gone a bit quiet on this front... xx
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    Hi! Not long for you now. I can't believe it's 11 months for me, the last seven since getting engaged have flown by!

    Who's Luiza that you've got for hair and make-up? I'm that stressed trying so many different foundations, and the idea of getting my eye make-up right, I might get someone to do it for me after all.

    I'm going up to my Mum's for a few days next week and for once H2B has managed to get time off work, so he'll get a nosey at the IOTL again. We'll be booking Flower World as well and i'll have a nosey at Capelli's.
  • Sorry not been on here for ages - just had so much on. Only 4 weeks for me know and i think everything is finally sorted.

    I had a hair and make up trial with cappellis and a hair trial with Greg Malloys and have decided to go with Greg Malloys in the end.

    How is your planning coming along??
  • Hi girls!! Sorry I've not been on here in ages, but here I am a married IOTL lady!! Nearly 3 months, I can't believe it, its absolutely flown by!! I will get round to doing a report before too long, I just don't seem to have had time lately, but I've loads of pics (and still getting some back from friends) that i want to put up. I will say, it was the absolute best day of my life so far. It was all stunning, my perfect day (apart from a few small niggles that I'm trying not to let bother me, but seem to more the further I get away from the wedding day!Random!)

    Luiza Oliver from Penrith(http://luizasphotography.com/) did my hair and make-up (also my mum and sisters hair and make up) and was brilliant and really reasonable as well as being a lovely person, could be very at ease with her!

    It was a lovely day although pretty breezy (!) after having rained and blown gales for almost a week solid beforehand! and we had the gazebo which was amazing, SO glad we got to do it outside!

    The food was all FANTASTIC and everyone commented on how lovely it was.

    We went on a steamer too, which was lovely. Again pretty blowy but all the guests loved it and we had a blessing on there too.

    I just wish I could do it all again now, the day went so fast. i know everyone had warned me it would, but it really did and I can't believe its already nearly 3 months! I'm tempted to do it on every anniversary!! I loved it all so much!

    Enjoy every minute ladies and I can't wait to compare notes! xx
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    Angelfeesh - Yay! Congratulations! So pleased you had a lovely day. I want to see a full report with pics please! I'll be checking out Luiza for my hair, thanks for the tip.

    kellyH08 - What made you go with Greg Malloy, rather than Capelli's in the end? I'm going up to visit Mum for a few days in October and was planning on doing scout for hairdressers, particularly these two.

    We've had to cancel our singer, money is too tight and we were slightly concerned he would be cheesy image We've booked a DJ called 'Dancing in the Dark' instead. Which DJ have you ladies gone for?
  • Hey girls, not been on here for ages as was tied up with wedding things just before wedding but it is my 1 week anniverdary today yay!!

    We had a fantastic day & i would love to do it all again. The food ws amazing, the staff were so, so helpful and I dont think either me, h2b or any of our friends & family have danced as much as we did in the evening. Will get a report up as soon as I have some piccies xxx
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    Ooooh - congratulations! We're actually in the area for a few days visiting my Mum, so we're going to the Inn tomorrow for our pre-wedding photoshoot! We're hoping to sort out food and drink too. All the conversations we've had with them so far have been disappointing. When we first looked at the hotel, we were told by Gary they'd do everything they could to fit in with our budget. Well, they've not done much to help! We really feel like we're being ripped off. Fingers crossed we'll get something sorted tomorrow.....
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    I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a IOTL bride too the brochure looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see it in real life. I can't wait for your photo's and reports! Does anyone know how much it is for the steamer?

    Many thanks

    Steph xx
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    Hi stephb1986!

    Do it! It's a beautiful setting. The hotel itself is done out very traditionally, some parts look like they need bringing up to date a little as it's a bit dated, but all in good nick. The thing that did it for us was the gazebo for the ceremony, and the beautiful setting! And, in that area, the room hire is very reasonable compared with others that charge thousands before you even get started on the food and drink!
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    We both love the look of it, not sure how long it would take us to get there we're from Manchester, everyone would have to stay overnight for either one night or both. Might have to hire some sort of coach for all the guests to get up there.

    I'm dead excited image

    Steph xx
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    We live in Chester (although i'm from up there originally), and H2B's family are in Shropshire, people are travelling from Australia, Surrey, Yorkshire - all over! But they're all booked in and willing to do it. People see it is a proper mini-break, with it being the Lake District.
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    Oh right so you live not that far from me I go to a dentist it Chester lol, We did look at Thornton Manor at the beginning of the year but couldn't justify the prices they were charging.

    Luckily all my family live in the UK lol, I bet your dead excited.

    Steph xx
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    Hello IOTL ladies image I'm getting married there 21/04/11 and cannot wait. All quiet on the planning front while we save like mad then can pay up for everything!!! So excited. Trying to plan next trip up there just to look in all the rooms again and imagine our perfect day image xxx
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    Hi mlturner!

    I'm a bit confused - a girl on here called pinkpenguin told me she was the day before me - i'm on 22nd April???

    It is gorgeous there. We went again last week for a mini photo-shoot with our photographer. It's the first time it was sunny when we've been there, which gave us a little hope that we might have the ceremony in the gazebo!
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    The Gazebo looks fantastic I definatly want it in the gazebo we're looking at may time ish. So hopefully a bit warmer than it is today.

    I can't wait till we go and see it. It looks perfect I don't know if we should carry on looking at other venues, just incase I did love Thornton Manor near cheshire oaks we went and had a look at it but it was far too expensive than we're prepared to pay. So I was a little gutted but carried on.

    Steph xx
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    Thornton Manor does look amazing! What I was surprised at was that venues in Cheshire cost more than ones in the Lakes. Can't understand why you wouldn't want to pay less AND have the stunning setting a views!
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