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What is everyone planning to keep their guests amused during the photos?

Any ideas please ladies?

I am a little worried as my photographer has requested a minimum of an hour and a half for photos at the reception venue. He did at first want two hours but I can imagine guests getting frustrated with this. This is on top of those taken at the church too.

I will be serving the usual reception drinks and canapes and I also have a harpist for the reception drinks and wedding breakfast but I was thinking about also getting an ice cream bike. I saw one at a wedding fayre recently and it looked really cute and the hand made ice cream was lovely. Slightly worried about tempting the weather but thought it may be a nice touch and the children would definitely like it I think.

Would any of you ladies have an ice cream at a reception?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.



  • kerrie1973kerrie1973 Posts: 111
    Ice-cream sounds lovely, what a great idea!

    We've got big garden games (giant jenga & connect 4), drinks and we'll be asking people to complete our photo guest book too. We reckon that will keep them busy for a while!
  • JemmapukJemmapuk Posts: 581
    I have big garden games and I am having a caricaturist too. He should keep them entertained. image
  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    We're having a piper play in the background, serving drinks, canopes etc and then hoping our guests will find something to talk about while wondering around the gardens!! I have only heard about garden games recently and I must say I find it really cringey although that's probably just me, I just wouldn't like it if I went to a wedding that had them. Conversation has always worked well in the past!

  • megmegsukmegmegsuk Posts: 150
    We had an ice cream tricycle - Cafe Bon Bon - and they were amazing!!! It was a big hit with all our 120 guests including the 20odd under 11s! I had one hidden behind my bouquet while we were doing the photos.

    We also had giant connect 4 and all that but the most popular game was just a ball that the kids and grown up played loads of games with - we had a large expanse of grass that everyone played on. It was on a patio outside in April as the weather was amazing (we'd still have had it all there if it had rained though!)

    If there's enough grass defo get a football/beach ball there Nobody was bored or felt like they were hanging around - the fo0rmal group photos were all taken on the grass near the ice cream man so everyone could see us and talk to us - we did the couple-y ones on the way to the reception at the beach.

    On wedding in the past where I felt like we were hanging around for ever in a holding room was in December with mulled wine that ran out - it was too cold for anyone to come inside and she had quite a lot of older guests. The ones where it's felt like a party during the reception have been outside and although the bride and grooms did get their photos done on their own they weren't miles away from the guests.

    I wouldn't worry about spending too much money on entertainment - like I said a ball or maybe a simple game of rounders or maybe a treasure hunt or hide and seek are all cheap/free but keep kids giggling and happy, wearing themselves out before food and gives the right sort of atmosphere.

    I'd highly recommend Cafe Bon Bon though - not sure where you are but here's a link to them:

    Julie who was our main point of contact was lovely, the prices were reasonable and the ice cream man on the day was great. The ice cream itself was also super yummy and we were able to chose 7 flavours!
  • kellyb1982kellyb1982 Posts: 157
    Thanks Megmegs

    I'm going to look them up now!
  • Ice cream would be great!! I'd love that if I was attending!

    We're having croquet, boules & quoits, while pimms and canapes are being served.

    I always find it's amazing how quickly time goes at weddings especially once you start chatting to people. It's a time where people can relax a little, especially if you've just come from church.
  • I would definitely have ice cream if I were at a wedding.I think it is a lovely idea.

    We are having garden games available whilst the pimms and canapes are served and the photos started.

    Then we have a magician arriving....who will then continue at the tables whilst we have our buffet lunch.
  • Think we've decided on a magician , not picked one yet though.

    We thought this would be a good idea as were getting married in October and not sure of the weather....are photographer has insisted on having us for about an hour (I'm not complaining, I want good photo's image I would just hate our guests to be bored)

    An ice cream bike sounds fab for guests of all ages, how many people do you know without a childhood memory of the ice cream van....oh can I have a 99 pleaseimage
  • HamillcamHamillcam Posts: 226
    We are having a bouncy castle and a falconry display, where quests can handle the birds.

    We are also having owls brings us the rings on the day, very Harry Potter our kids will love it image

    I was going to have ice cream but we are having a sweetie bar so i felt we didn't need both.
  • njwarnernjwarner Posts: 249
    where is everyone getting their garden games from?? are you hiring or buying??
  • 9sjs29sjs2 Posts: 58
    Hey Hamillcam,

    Where are you getting the falconry from? My fiance and I are considering this but we're unsure if our venue will be ok with this (waiting for their reply)!
  • HamillcamHamillcam Posts: 226
    I'm in Scotland, it's from a local falconry centre, some people i went to Uni with own it so they are doing it for free as a wedding gift. Very nice of them.

    Our bouncy castle company hires out the giant garden games
  • We are having a magician!!! He is amazing!! I saw him at a wedding fair and he blew me and h2b away!

    Heres his website if anyone is interested!

    Was also thinking about garden games, anyone hiring? or buying? It think price is about the same!!!

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