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Honest opinions please ladies - naff or ok? We are on a budget and this seems by far the cheapest option for decorating the venue.


  • lynnr59lynnr59 Posts: 39
    I like balloons and if they are done well can look really nice. If you're on a budget then they can be a great option.
  • We're having balloons too. We went to a wedding fayre at our venue before we booked it and they had a room laid out for a wedding with 3 balloons with matching ribbons and weights on each table and they looked lovely. Never would have considered it before but they only cost £4 a table with some scatter crystals as well! Cheap but effective! x
  • i had balloons for a party i threw for my htb 30th a couple of years ago. I really liked them, and only cost £70 for 3 grouped together and for 10 tables, they even came to the venue to put them out for me. I am thinking of doing the same my wedding party
  • Thanks ladies, I agree with you. There has been a few weddings at our venue with balloons and I think they look lovely. The room is so grand it doesn't need to much anyway.

    Going to get some petals to scatter on the tables in the same colour too.

  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    We're having balloons as can't afford the extortionate prices for floral arrangements for all tables - we've managed to get 10 individual cloud nines for tables, 2 balloon columns with arch for top table, and smaller arch for cake table for £127 in total, including set up.

    We went to a wedding last year that only had balloon decorations and it looked fab, a lot classier than people perceive them to be! Go for it! xx
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Balloons look fab

    One note, put a note out for people to leave in situ til after the first dance, cake cut etc if you want them on photos, went to one the other day and the children ran around with the balloons right from the off.

  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    i agree, the right ballons are gorgeous, those horrible balloon arches you see at some weddings are very very naff



  • smile99uksmile99uk Posts: 85
    We're having ballons (3 on each table) as our theme is english fete. We're having jam jars on the table full of peonies and roses, and painted jam jars to hold candles and then the balloons tied with rustic brown string. Think it'll look fab.

  • teeniukteeniuk Posts: 1,046
    We are having balloons at our venue, and we are having a NAFF arch over the top table. Its each to their own love.

  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    sorry but she said naff or ok - it's just my opinion, I'm sure it'll be great image x
  • were also havong balloons as a friend of ours does them as his work so is giving us them for cheaper again and he will set them all up. lovely idea x
  • Thanks everybody! Am definitely going to go for it. I think balloons do seem to be pereceived as something cheap and maybe a little bit tacky but I think they can look really nice.

    Our colour scheme is dark green so I think they should look really classy.

    I didn't realise so many people did still use balloons as decorations though.
  • oh and cebpickle - thanks for the tip! image
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    No worries, we generally pick up these things from experience!!
  • i think if you have too many it looks tacky - we're having one of those really naff arches (lol!), a set of balloons to go by the cake and then 4 clusters to go behind the top table. We're also having these life size balloon people which look so cool. I can highly recommend Huff Puff and Away if you're in the West Midlands xx
  • Life size balloon people??? I'm intrigued!
  • They are called Character Greeters - we're having ours in the colour we're wearing (my wedding dress is purple and his suit is grey). Have a look here -
  • Ha brilliant! image

  • I'm so glad that other people are having balloons and don't think they are tacky. We really don't have much money to spend on table decorations and I really didn't want flowers which would die after a few days and they are so extortionate. Everytime I have mentioned balloons people have looked at me funny, but its our day and they looked lovely and for only a £5 a table! This has so put my mind at rest. Thanks everyone xxx

    P.S. Those characters are brilliant!!
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