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How much wine are you putting on your tables?

I am trying to work out how much wine I will need to get. How much should you allow per person or put on each table? Also how much of each colour should you get? I was thinking 2 white and 1 red on each table but I know some people prefer Red and if it's a table of mainly red drinkers it will be a waste!


  • BoofleBoofle Posts: 35
    I'm seating 8 to a table and putting 2 white and 2 red on each table - so half a bottle each, which I think is fine as they will get a glass of bubbly on arrival too.

    But I'm also considering asking someone to go around and make sure there isn't a table of 8 who all only like white etc, so that if that is the case the untouched red can be exchanged for some more white. Though I suspect that as it is free alcohol it will all get drunk regardless image
  • We are having 1/2 bottle per person and putting red and white on the tables. My friends aren't backwards at coming forward and will be happy enough to swap with other tables should there be too many white drinkers at one table etc. I can't see any free booze going to waste so not worried about that.
  • We had the issue that we know for sure some tables won't drink wine at all, but we didn't want to put wine on some and not on others. So we are having the venue go round our guests twice during the meal offering wine, instead of having the bottles on the table. It also saves on wasted wine, as the venue will only open the number of bottles that are needed.
  • We are having 2 glasses of wine per guest and the venue go around the room. They will fill the glasses at the beginning of the meal with eache guests preferred wine and they go around again during the main course. They also get a glass of bucks fizz on arrival and champagne for the toast. We are also having bottles of water on each table and jugs of juice for non-alocohol drinking guests and the tables where the children are sitting as tere ae 10 of them!
  • moonpig43moonpig43 Posts: 239
    I must be stingy!! We are not offering any
  • MrsCumminsMrsCummins Posts: 110
    moonpig43 can I ask what you're guests are going to be drinking? Will you have a bar open?
  • We arn't having any.

    There is such a mixture of tastes at my wedding, some people are non drinkers, some people are non-wine drinkers and other people do like wine. The drinks are damn expensive in Northern Ireland in general and are really damn expensive at my venue so imo people can sort that out themselves!

    The last wedding I went to didn't have wine and tbh hardly anyone missed it.
  • Chrissie97Chrissie97 Posts: 290
    Our venue advised us to have one of each colour on every table, and there will be 10 guests at each table. I know that some may not want wine and that some will prefer one over the other but that should be easy to fix as we dont have a large number of guests (35 total) image
  • Cupcake4everUKCupcake4everUK Posts: 7,170
    Our package allows for half a bottle per person during the meal..and a couple of sparkling toasts (one on arrival and another during the speeches).

    We are going to pay for some extra bottles to be kept on stand-by just in case tables run out. Any extra can go towards the free bar that we are providing throughout the evening.
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