Ideas for cheap table centre pieces??

mark01uk1mark01uk1 Posts: 152

We are getting married abroad but want ideas for table centre pieces for our tables when we have our UK evening do.

Cheap as poss! Thought about buying flowers and vases but it seems too much work!

ANy ideas??



  • we are having glass bowls on mirrors filled with something called aquabeads with tealights dotted round. It sounds a bit complicated but its not!! hope this helps image
  • samsam85samsamsam85sam Posts: 60
    you could always buy brightly coloured plants like crysanths around £3.50 from ur local green grocer or market and put in a nice pot - from poundland or ikea. Buy a roll of organza or curling ribbon around 25 metres u can get for a fiver. Then you could always give them out as gifts at the end of the nite to ppl?
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    B&M have got table lanterns for 2.99 (same ones are 5 in wilkos) they'd look really nice with candles in.
  • busyplanningbusyplanning Posts: 631
    We're looking to have tea light lanterns (if we can find any cheap enough in the right colour) on a round mirror plate with some rose buds and maybe table diamonds scattered on the mirror x
  • We paid £7 for these from asda direct

  • lozzaaaalozzaaaa Posts: 117
    there are some nice vintage looking cream/ivory table candle lanterns in poundland at the mo! and yes they are a pound! xx
  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    I went to Ikea and bought a 4 packs of 4 glass bowls. Going to fill them with crystals and place a flower on top. Thats the idea anyway!
  • mark01uk1mark01uk1 Posts: 152
    Thanks girls, they are great ideas, especially the poundland one! x
  • LesleyxxxLesleyxxx Posts: 9
    it all depends what you want really my mum had balloons on her tables whereas i got cream bud vases from asdas for 10p each and ivory foam roses 8 for 1.99 from hobby craft there will be 2 vases per table with a single rose in each vase x
  • ajs88ajs88 Posts: 22
    i love the asda table centre

  • EmzillarEmzillar Posts: 444
    Here are our center pieces, the tall ones worked out 4 pound each (vase 2 pound, pom pom flower 99p and the pink/white grass spray 99p)

    The small ones only cost 99p for the flower, used mini food jars and left over ribbon and butterflies from my diy stationary image

  • We're having cheap bud vases from M&S with crystals (usually used on tables) in the bottom with large roses from a local florist. They're really simple but look really effective
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