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Hi .... totally unsure if to have music playing while we're eating and if so what type of music - what's everyone else having??? x


  • LoubieFlissLoubieFliss Posts: 107
    I like GOOD string quartets (you have to be careful though as many screech!) and the idea of a solo sax.

    The singer that I'm having in the evening has an afternoon package apparently - I suppose it would be swing, ballads and easy listening ( so you could take a look at that.

    There's nothing to say that you can't just have background music playing though I guessimage
  • moonpig43moonpig43 Posts: 239
    I am makin a cd of all our favourite kinds of love songs and mellow songs like micheal buble and whitney houston, hopefully somethin on for every one!!
  • katiesionkatiesion Posts: 50
    Just seen Michael Buble advertised on tv - really good choice, thanks so much x
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    my venue has a grand piano and they offered a pianist to play through the meal but having spent last night in Browns with friends i am thinking i probably wont! Browns had a pianist playing and it was quite overpowering expecially the high notes. So im with you on the making my own compilation (ipod playlist) the venue will put it through the speakers and im £250 richer! image

    Considering a string quartet during the welcome drinks outside though.. only cos my mum offered to pay. All my money is going on a fab evening band!
  • AmberleighCukAmberleighCuk Posts: 144
    During the meal I'm having a harpist. My mum wanted me to have something and she said it was either that or a string quartet which she would have preferred but it's not my thing really. The harpist won't be too overpowering but will be better than having nothing there in my opinion.
  • mrsfoodie2bmrsfoodie2b Posts: 352
    The band we have booked have put together a selection of gentle tunes for us to play during the reception. They've been so helpful throughout the process.
  • DoodlepipukDoodlepipuk Posts: 210
    do you have to have music playing during the meal? I had thought that we would have music while people were having drinks and canapes but during the meal itself we thught that there would be so much chatting etc that we wouldn't need it - I'm confused!!
  • crazybridecrazybride Posts: 61
    we are having the nero string quartet for the ceremony and reception. Maybe considering to extend the booking for the meal as well, but not sure yet!
  • Dorkas2010Dorkas2010 Posts: 130
    We considered having the string quartet carry thru from the reception and canapes to the meal, however they advised against saying it can be a bit overbaring while you are eating but if i wanted they will stay and play..I took their advise as they do this all the time and declined the music thru the meal.
  • iclepickleiclepickle Posts: 104
    We want something very background, modern and funky so having bar lounge chillout music x
  • iclepickleiclepickle Posts: 104
    Doodlepip I always think music during a meal is nice ( just in the background) creates a great background!
  • LoubieFlissLoubieFliss Posts: 107
    Did you see Buble on TV the other night? Well Adam Thomas is better;)

    Imagine that while you're eating. Yum!image
  • We are just creating a CD that our venue will play while we eat. we are going to have some of the instrumental classical sounding songs from the final fantasy games because my H2B is a fan.

    I thought it was only fair as I have had the deciding vote on pretty much everything else including the music (cos I love the cheesy 80's stuff!) and some of the final fantasy stuff is actually quite beautiful. Its just going to to played quietly in the background just to set the mood really.
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