Toilet baskets - I know this has been done quite a lot!!

This is what I have put in my toilet baskets, have I missed anyhting?


nail files

hair elastics

hair spray

sanitary towels


bobby pins

deodrant spray

lint roller


clothing tape

toothpinks with floss

gaviscon sachets

3 in 1 facial wipes


2 x 5 pack of stain remover wipes


nourishing hand cream

mini hair brush

clear nail varnish

mini sewing kit

2 x 2 packs of gel feet pads


Deodrant spray

hair gel

Shoe polish kit


Lint roller

Intensive hand cream

3 in 1 facial wipes


toothpicks with floss


2 x 5 pack of stain remover wipes

mini comb

gavison sachets



  • CarmipoosCarmipoos Posts: 98
    Maybe a pot of lip gloss. If people don't mind sharing. Oh and one of those face freshening spritzer things.
  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    Thanks hun, you know the face spritzer things (do you mean something like magicool?) and do you know if it effects make up?
  • FlippingfabFlippingfab Posts: 701
    oo good idea!
  • CarmipoosCarmipoos Posts: 98
    I've never heard of magicool but I know that evian do one and it's just water so wouldn't affect make-up (unless they get carried away). I've had one from boots before, I think it was a no.7 brand.
  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    Thank you will have a look into it xx
  • condoms

    (you know most of it won't get used though? - not trying to be mean, just realistic. You've gone to a lot of trouble there but it really isn't 'necessary' - which is fine of course, just don't be disappointed if quite a few things are used)
  • iclepickleiclepickle Posts: 104
    I think its a good idea, Theres always something you need which u dont have at a wedding!
  • tights or clear nail varnish in case of ladders

    i've also put piriton in mine in case of stings and also calpol sachets
  • cute poem i'm putting in the baskets -

    So happy you're here to share in our special day

    But should something happen to go astray

    Please help yourself to the contents within

    Wet wipe, hand lotion or even aspirin

    Use only what you need and leave the rest

    It may be useful to another guest

    So repair the damage that may've been done

    Then hurry back and join in the fun

    With compliments of the Newlyweds!!!
  • Care-BearCare-Bear Posts: 465
    You must have a massive budget to be able to get extras like this on top!

    How about mini purfumes (like sample ones etc) for both sexes and maybe for the guys some hair gel?
  • lozzaaaalozzaaaa Posts: 117
    why on earth are you doing these what a waste of time and money! who are you giving them too? x
  • I love these baskets i think there a great idea and very thoughtful, but i think you have covered just about everything x x x
  • I love these baskets i think there a great idea and very thoughtful, but i think you have covered just about everything x x x
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    I think what you are doing is really thoughtful.....however, ive never been to a wedding where there have been these baskets. I think when people go to a wedding or function, they take their own "bits" like a mini deodorant, lip gloss, mints, paracetamol etc....i know i do as they are handy things to have when you are out for the day. I think the women will appreciate this more than the men, i really cant see the men using the 3 in 1 face wipes.............
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Just be careful if you have kids coming to the wedding... If so I wouldn't leave paracetamol or any other OTC meds where they might be able to clamber up and eat!

    Otherwise I think these are a lovely touch, you can buy little bits as you see them reduced or on special offer so it doesn't have to be a huge expense.

    Good poem IanStuartDress!image
  • MUM2EVMUM2EV Posts: 109
    We got married two weeks ago and I too did these bathroom baskets with loads of bits in it, like the stuff that has been mentioned on here!

    Everyone commented on what a lovely touch it was and also no one used ANYTHING!!! And then apparently at the end of the night someone was caught putting all the bits in her blo*dy handbag!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I just wanted to say don't go too mad as the likelihood is that it won't all get used!

    Have a faaaaab day! oh, i also had two little card notes made by a great person on ebay who made two for me! It looked much better than a hand written note, unless you've gorgeous writing!!

  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I think it's a bit mean to say 'waste of time' 'why would you do this' etc...I think it's a good idea, I too am doing this. OK probably most of it won't get used but virtually everything I have bought I WILL use afterwards....I've spent over £50 on mine and if it helps just a couple of ladies attending to correct something that has gone wrong...I'll be happy....if it doesn't I will use it all myself... x
  • msoniabmsoniab Posts: 131
    Glad someone mentioned medication and children. I am avoiding candles in the bathrooms because of it.

    Think I am just going to do a ladies box, don't think the men will use it!
  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    Wow, didnt expect so many replies LOL! Have already bought some mini perfumes/Aftershaves 5 of each but I forgot about them until yesterday and put them in. I made a point of buying things that I would use so I can use it later if there's anything left! I have bought some Evian face spray to pop in too. I think it only cost around £30 for the two baskets. It's only a small wedding 50 people, which 40 are family so I dont mind if they take things at the end of the night. I know that there's family who always want a toothpick, Im forever wanting bobby pins! Oh and for the person who commented on the 3 in 1 facial wipes for men, my OH nad his best mate love them! They're just a good freshen up as it will be a beautiful hot sunny day!!
  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    Oh and to the other poster about kids and paracetamol, I dont have to worry about that x
  • midwife27midwife27 Posts: 109
    Hi I am also going to do this but probably only for the women. I think its a fab idea I have been to soooo many weddings recently and believe me this would have been really useful for me for various reasons one being when my top started to unravel!!!! Like some people have said if it doesn't get used I will just use it myself and it definately doesn't have to be expensive poundland, wilkos and bodycare are really cheap and the supermarkets always have offers on.
  • Ice_GemzIce_Gemz Posts: 235
    I would avoid paracetamol tbh as I presume most of the guests will be drinking? Not a great comination! Otherwise,what a lovely idea, there's bound to be someone who's forgotten something image (usually me!)
  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    I did have a good think about the paracetamol thing but then tbh the cheapest i found the 4head stuff is £4.10 and to do that twice against a 32p pack of paracetamol, I figure that it's down to the individual if they mix it with alcohol.
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    i think this is a fantastic idea! i have never heard or seen it done before, but i used to work in a hotel and was asked for many of those items during a wedding! good thinking and thanks for sharing!

    Kim x
  • MrsS to beMrsS to be Posts: 2,633
    I think i will be doing this if i can afford it. Mainly for the ladies though.

    Definately plasters, how many people wear heels for special occassions and wish they'd not because their feet are cut the shreds image

    A few nail files, vaseline - for lips image maybe some mint, nothing too much.

    Good thread ladies. x
  • Thanks for this idea, I'll be using it also, but only for the ladies.

    Love the idea of gel feet pads.

  • dbkelsiedbkelsie Posts: 122
    ive also done one for both ladies and mens. i got most of it including the baskets at a £1 shop. it costed about £25 all in all. i too have included things that i will use afterwards. you dont need a big budget to include this. i think its a really good idea and people will remember the small touches as well as the main events. i was a bridesmaid at sis in laws wedding and my hem came down and the hotel had to search for a needle and thread!
  • wow, i have never ever heard or seen this before, i do like the idea of it though!
  • love2sparklelove2sparkle Posts: 256
    Love this idea and the poem too.

    Can I pinch both ideas please there fab xx

    I definitely agree with everyone who said it was a lovely idea and you can never fit everything into your handbag for a wedding that lasts all day.

    Thanks for putting up the post mrsjames2b2010, hope you have a lovely wedding, by the sounds of it your guests will really appreciate all your effort xxx
  • love2sparklelove2sparkle Posts: 256
    Can I ask mrsjames2b2010 what size baskets did you buy, wondering if its best to buy all the products first??
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