Excessive charges from prospective band

KJWeeksKJWeeks Posts: 13
Hi All,

After panicking an leaving our entertainment to the last minute (wedding 31/07/10) we finally got sorted with a band we were happy with, and they are through a friend of a friend so hoping they will be reliable. We are planning to have a few casiono tables in the room for a couple of hours, then serve the buffet, then have the band play for the rest of the night. The band have come back and said they will charge from the time of setting up (18:00) to the time they finsh playing (apprx 00:00).

They've quoted us £1700. I feel this is a bit excessive and would welcome eveyone elses thoughts. I'm really stuck as I know if we say no and try to find someone else at such short notice, we might end up disappointed, or even worse, with no band.

Please help!


  • MrsFlowerfairyMrsFlowerfairy Posts: 6,800
    our band charged us from setting up time too and it came in at 1100, I think most bands do this as they want to do a sound check before anything else is set up? or thats what our band did. How many people in the group?
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    Have you had a look at Alive Network? They are agents for a variety of bands and music styles.

    We're having a jazz band organised through them and they are charging £1,075 for a four hour set

  • 1700 is ALOT of money for a band. we are paying 1000 incl set up, after being quoted 1300 and haggling.

    i dont think i cud spend 1700???!!!
  • Coconut-5Coconut-5 Posts: 70
    I'm from glasgow and so many bands we got a quote from were £1800 and above some of the very popular ones are £2500, I absolutely love one band and slowely came to terms with there £1750 fee but then they added on £900 to travel 100 miles there and back! Some bands are very expensive however you can get bands much cheaper, it just depends upon what you'd like
  • mrsfoodie2bmrsfoodie2b Posts: 352
    OMG that's loads!

    Our band www.superchargerband.com are costing us £1,200. There are four guys in the band.

    Our quote includes PA, lighting, DJing in between and after their sets and background music before.

  • BrideNayBrideNay Posts: 35
    Mrsfoodie2b- When is your wedding? I'm going to see Superchargerband at Earls Court this weekend to see what they are like with the view to hopefully booking them for mine next summer. Have you seen them play yet or had any other recommendations for them? It is a lot of money to part with and i want to make sure they are good!
  • mrsfoodie2bmrsfoodie2b Posts: 352
    Hi BrideNay,

    We get married in Oct. We've already seen www.Superchargerband.com play twice and were really impressed. They are not a traditional cheesy wedding band and they sounded fantastic live. They were brilliant both times we saw them.

    We initially heard about them on this site mid last year and if you find the Supercharger thread many of the brides who booked them have come back and left comments which were all amazing about them. I'll find it and bump it for you.

    Their booking manager has been lovely to deal with too.

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    it depends what kind of band it is and how many members, if it's three guys with no set up help that's a lot

    if you've booked a five-piece with a roadie then they're only getting under £300 each for the whole night including expenses, then it's not that much

  • BrideNayBrideNay Posts: 35
    Many thanks mrsfoodie2b. I've found the thread you bumped for me too and that was really useful. I'm excited to see them now on Friday-would be excellent if I could tick 'find a band' off my 'to do' list!
  • LoubieFlissLoubieFliss Posts: 107
    I agree with Amy - you get what you pay for. If they weren't worth what they charge then they wouldn't charge it (if you know what I mean!!:lolimage

    People that book 8/9 piece bands for less than a grand should be aware that they must be amateur/part time that's all. The point is, if they're what you're looking for then great but, if not, you'll need to pay more for quality!

  • 1magnolia1magnolia Posts: 4
    Hi MrsKW2010

    We're having a 7 piece band play for 2-2.5 hours and they're charging £350, so £50 each. DJ before and after band to keep costs down, total cost of entertainment from 5pm to midnight is £530. They originally quoted £650 and we didn't call them back. They called us and halved the price! You could try cancelling due to cost and see if they budge on price but of course they could call your bluff. I personally think £1700 is a lot on money. Hope it works out.
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