desperate for help please.....last dance song!

C2beC2be Posts: 92
11 days to go and we still cant decide on a last dance song.... we really wanted champagne supernova but my friend recently had that at theres..... we now thinking Use Somebody - Kings of Leon....??

Can people let me know what they think of that and also what use are thinking to see if i get any inspiration...

Thanks xxxx


  • Wishing4Wishing4 Posts: 312
    Never seen anyone doing this before, but if you really love your first dance song, why not have it again at the end of the night for a slow dance? But then that's only good for couples to dance to I guess...

    I love the new Kelis song 'acapela?'

    Not sure about the Kings of Leon song, I do like the song but the words "use somebody" at the end of your wedding celebration? Older guests might not have heard it before. Sorry, not helping much am I?

    If you want something cheesy how about Huey Lewis and The news, The Power of love? There's always that darned "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing, which I absolutely despise, but a lot of people seem to like it!

    Are you thinking something slow, cheesy or a bit more rocky, or something unusual?

  • C2beC2be Posts: 92
    I dont think we really want to do cheesy, something a bit different.....
  • angelcake71angelcake71 Posts: 523
    how about kiss me.. not the sixpence none the richer version.. but a group does a rock version of it..
  • angelcake71angelcake71 Posts: 523
    ahh its New Found Glory!
  • Wishing4Wishing4 Posts: 312
    I'll get my thinking cap on and go through my music, I'm like you, don't like all the cheesy stuff, would like something a bit different, but you want people to recognise it and join in!

    I helped my sis pick her wedding music, she ended up walking down the aisle to "crocketts theme" from the original miami vice! It's a lovely piece of music, I'm sure we'll come up with something between us!
  • jenandchrisukjenandchrisuk Posts: 997
    we're having auld lang syne and then loch lomond by runrig x
  • mrsfoodie2bmrsfoodie2b Posts: 352
    Our band are playing the Killers version of Exitlude. Listen to it on you tube, we think it's perfect for a last song.
  • Cat72Cat72 Posts: 76
    We are having " My way " as my OH likes the rat pack .
  • ToriparkinsonToriparkinson Posts: 186
    how about 'the time of our life' (dirty dancing) thats what were having
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    How many of the people were at the other wedding? Does it matter that another wedding had it? Or if Oasis how about Wonderwall?

    I think most of my end of night songs are cheesy

    Angels - Robbie Williams

    American Pie- Don McClane

    Never forget - Take that

    While I love the Kings of Leon song I am not sure if it would work
  • Lyn_MLyn_M Posts: 886
    we are going to new york on honeymoon, so i would quite like new york new york - not sure if he will buy in to this.

    Would be abit of fun and we could all to the 'kicking' thing. hehe
  • Wishing4Wishing4 Posts: 312
    One of my favs is "Can't take my eyes off you" by Andy Williams. Everyone will recognise it and I'll bet people will sing along with it! I think it would be an appropriate song to end the evening on!

    I'm a big rock fan but Andy Williams is my guilty pleasure! I also love "happy heart" and "kisses sweeter than wine". That one is a story of a man who falls in love and asks her to be his wife, then they go on to get married, have twins and grow old together, it's a lovely song with a great sentiment!
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    we are either having never forget or as im welsh im trying to sneak in catatonia, i thank the lord im welsh. only prob is h2b is english so may be vetoed on that one!
  • C2beC2be Posts: 92
    There will only be 3 people who were at thet other wedding...but it was such a good last song at theres I would be worried if it didnt go the same.....??

    what do we think of 'You got the love' Florence and the Machine?
  • MrsBiggs2bMrsBiggs2b Posts: 1,047
    We are having wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton as its a song we both like & we feel it will wind the evening up in a calm & romantic way. We also hope the lyrics will remind us of all of the brillant things that happened that day.
  • We're having Lets Stay Together by Al Green as we didn't want anything cheesy.

    I think Florence and the Machine would be great and not a common first dance song
  • Donna-Marie23Donna-Marie23 Posts: 268
    We both love Michael Buble and are having save the last dance for me by him. Heres a link

  • CarmipoosCarmipoos Posts: 98
    I don't do slushy stuff so having 500 miles by the proclaimers.
  • HughesBobsHughesBobs Posts: 40
    Hi, we're having Baby Bird You're Gorgeous as it's a bit too rude to play early onimage
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