Eve guests first drink free?

sanetsanet Posts: 48

I need some suggestions for something to put inside our evening invites for our guests to hand in at the recpetion venue for their first free drink, like somekind of ticket?

What do you think?



  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    I think it would be a nice touch to give your evening guests their first drink free, however, i dont think its necessary or expected? But it depends on how many extra evening guests you have? Why not have some champagne on a tray at the entrance (obviously a staff member of the venue there holding it) so they get a welcome drink?
  • ToriparkinsonToriparkinson Posts: 186
    Maybe just make a little ticket on your computer at home you could colour co-ordinate then with your theme and maybe have a little poem like:

    In life there are milestones each rare and sweet,

    sharing with loved ones makes them complete.

    Having you near on my wedding day,

    Add's to the meaning in a special way.

    So because of this the bride & groom think,

    You deserve a free drink.
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    We are giving them 'get out of jail free' cards so that they can have a drink on us which I have made out of 'clean edge' business cards. We had thought of a kitty up to a certain amount but thought that it could end with some getting more than one drink and others with nothing. The day guests will get them in the cracker favours.

    I have seen online a free bit of software to design your own raffle tickets for printing off...that may be an idea.

  • NewcastleBeccaNewcastleBecca Posts: 1,450
    I think if you put them in invitations people won't bring them. Invitations usually end up on the car floor! If you just say "one free drink" then they might not know they need to bring the ticket.
  • 12016961201696 Posts: 286
    We could not afford a free bar, so we are givings guests a glass of bubbly on arrival, but as we are cutting the cake in the evening, we are also giving one for the toast.

  • DoodlepipukDoodlepipuk Posts: 210
    we have been uhmming and ahhing over this one too. We thught if you give a ticket that people would forget them, if it was on honesty at the bar that would NEVER work! So we are having an area where the guests come in and there will be staff there to serve a welcome drink xx
  • samstocktonsamstockton Posts: 87
    We gave guests a free cocktail on the evening. They had a choice of two one the groom chose and one the bride chose. I made pink and blue circular vouchers printed on the computer saying voucher 1 cosmopolitan. I went to hobby craft for pink and blue card and bought a special hole punch type thing that cut out an inch round circle so it looked like a casino chip.

    We put them in the invites pink for the ladies (cosmo) and blue for the guys (Mojito) - most people remembered to bring them but we made sure we had spares on the night. We put a little note in the invite telling them that they could be redeemed at the cocktail bar. Seemed to work quite well.
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