Favour fillings??

I have favour boxes but can't decide on a filling. Almons, chocolate almonds or something else? Any ideas gratefully accepted!


  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    Im not keen on almonds so I would vote chocolate! For our favoursa the men are having scratchcards and a lindt chocolate in an organza bag x the women are having a tealight holder and candle x
  • sanetsanet Posts: 48
    We are having fuschia pink organza bags and filling them with small tubes of love hearts x

  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    You could make some little cookies and put them into there. Otherwise I would vite chocolate! I never like almonds and when we go to family weddings my nan eats everyones!x
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    ^^ I mean vote chocolate not vite ha x
  • We arent having almonds, we have little packs of love hearts. xx our favours are top hats and handbag shaped, i hope they fit in lol x
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    Mint imperials- that way, when your guests give you a hug and kiss congratulations, nobody has bad breath image
  • We have favour boxes and we've filled the adults ones with a mixture of purple and lilac foil wrapped chocolate balls. The kids ones are filled with dolly mixture and the top table favours are illed with dolly mixture, smarties and 3 lilac foil wrapped chocolate balls.

    I'm not a lover of the traditional sugared almonds either x
  • T-ladyukT-ladyuk Posts: 677
    im having chocolate and cancer research pins
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Chocolates but to be honest only if nice, we got some the other week that were horrid so no point
  • I vote chocolate truffles.....

    Montezuma's do gorgeous choc, and even do little boxes for them
  • honeybeaukhoneybeauk Posts: 477
    What about buying packs of forget me not seeds and using your home printer etc make up little labels to put on them. You could use tissue paper to make a small packet to put your seeds in and then stick on your label which could have what ever you liked on them... " to remember our special day why not grow our little gift to you of forget me nots...."
  • Hi

    I've got the same problem! Ideas I like so far are...

    - a few good quality chocolates

    - a couple of small home made cookies (perhaps in a heart shape!)

    - a collection of retro sweets (as I'm not having a sweetie table)

    Bit of a food theme going on with my ideas... mainly because they are the cheapest options!! I'm not sure I'll have time in the days leading to the wedding to make cookies... so think the other two options are more likely!

  • MrsHealy2BMrsHealy2B Posts: 75
    what about after eights as favours x
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