Is anyone out there having a hog roast?

EmsyvhEmsyvh Posts: 26
My hubby-to-be is very keen on having a hog roast as our wedding breakfast.

Do you think its suitable for a wedding breakfast? I want it to be more of a meal, not just a bit of meat in a bap which would be fine for a snack later on the the evening. Is anyone out there having a hog roast as there main meal and if so what are you having with it?



  • I'm having a hog roast but not for our wedding breakfast we're having it in the evening instead of a buffet. Sorry. x

  • DoodlepipukDoodlepipuk Posts: 210
    alot of the companies can do it as a main meal, they serve it with lots of salads, potatoes etc - yummy!

    I went to a do a while ago, not a wedding, but they did it like this and it was lovely, they didn;t offer baps, bread to go with it, but it defintely made it a lovely meal.
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    I don't get the breakfast thing - what time of day are we talking?

    We're having one after the ceremony, it'll be about 4-ish, our venue is a stone circle on an old castle site in the cotswolds so I think it suits

    I definitely wouldn't have one for an indoor wedding, sitting and eating in a room with the hog on the spit is offputting - seen it loads on four weddings!

  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    We are having a hog roast. I have nothing against sit down meals (I had one first time around) but this time the wedding is more informal and I want to be able to mingle with the guests rather than just sat on head table. I can't wait. Just over 3 months now. xx image
  • EmsyvhEmsyvh Posts: 26
    I think most Hog Roast companies cook the food outside - I can't imagine being inside with a pig cooking away in the corner!

    I was thinking salad and potoes could be nice.
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702

    We are having one in the evening...we are having different salads, jacket pots etc to go accompany it.

    I think if you want more of an informal reception then a hog roast is a great idea.

  • MrsMcQ2bMrsMcQ2b Posts: 55
    we are having one for our wedding breakfast. venue did a deal where we still have a starter, then hog roast with rice dishes, salads, potatoes etc then finishing with a dessert. think this is a little bit different to the usual 3 course meal
  • TrinketpipsTrinketpips Posts: 40
    We are having a hog roast at lunchtime on our wedding day, as our main meal.

    We will have several homemade salads and veggie/vegan options on a buffet table.

    There will also be bread rolls, apple sauce and stuffing for people to help themselves to. I think some people will just have the meat and salads, but we wanted to offer the traditional accompaniments for those that wanted them.

    We are having crockery, proper cutlery and napkins, rather than the paper plates and serviettes.

    I think it's a good idea to serve it like this - we want casual food but presented smartly so it still feels as special as it tastes!

    Hope that helps

  • EmsyvhEmsyvh Posts: 26
    Trinketpips - if you don't mind me asking, how much is that costing you as that's the sort of thing I'm after and the costs seem to vary hugely.

    I want casual food presented smartly too - that's a good way of putting it! image
  • veryhappymrsveryhappymrs Posts: 1,374
    We are having one in the evening instead of a buffet and they are doing salads, breads and apple sauce with it. I went to a wedding last year that was a very laid back country style affair and they did the same but for the mains, and in the evening did a spread of cheeses breads and cold meats and it was lovely. It is much less informal than a sit down 3 course meal but if thats the kind of wedding you are looking for then I think its a great idea. They can be pretty reasonably priced too. x
  • NextyearNextyear Posts: 97 New bride
    my daughter is having a lamb roast in the evening with mint sauce

    the caterer is also doing a bbq and jackets spuds with cheese and beans, salad, coleslaw etc

    it is very reasonable all the meat is from a local butcher so not cheap sausages etc and for 120 guest it is £500
  • EmsyvhEmsyvh Posts: 26
    Thanks Amy's mum. I have been reading the saga of your daughter's dress. What a nightmare. So glad she is all sorted now. x
  • TrinketpipsTrinketpips Posts: 40
    Emsyvh, our hog roast for 100 (including rolls, stuffing and apple sauce but excluding the salads, crockery, napkins and cutlery) is a nice round £500 - bargain!

    I found that the prices could vary to about £20 per head (tho that did include salads) but it just seems a bit of a rip off. I would steer away from the national chains of hog roast companies if you want to stick to a budget and drop in to your local butchers instead and ask them if they can help. That's what we did and we struck gold.

    The hire of plates/cutlery and napkins is through a separate company and I don't have the final price but I think its about £2 per person, but that does include enough for dessert and cheese courses.

    My mum and I are making all the salads the day before (with helpers thank God) and again I don't have the exact price of the ingredients yet but I think that it will cost about £200 to make enough for 100 guests.

    We are doing a variety of salads i.e. one potato/pasta/rice/chickpea/lentil/green salads so there is enough choice.

    By my reckoning that's about £9 a head?

    Hope that helps.
  • Charlie1980ukCharlie1980uk Posts: 1,533
    we're having a hog roast instead of an evening buffet xx
  • We're having a hog roast and BBQ with salads etc in the evening as we're having an afternoon tea style meal in the daytime. The hog roast with buns and apple sauce in £600 through our venue which should feed up to 100 guests
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