Where should I buy silk flowers?

Hi ladies,

We're going to have half our flowers (all bouquets, table centrepieces & button holes) fresh and half (venue extras, church decor & top table arrangement) artificial... can anyone please recommend a good stockist at a reasonable cost? It's hard to judge on the internet how realistic they look!

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  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    seriously, take a look on ebay! i actually bought some as an experiment to see if i could make my own bouqeut and im really pleases, i just need to decide how to finish it all off, the said roses which are lovely cost me £8 then diamonte pins i stuck through the top of the middle of each flower again something like £3 now just deciding to ribbon or bead it which again i will proberbly by from ebay again... i have utterly shocked myself at how cheap, effective and eactly what i wanted it is. theres loads of videos on the web that guide you too.

    You can also buy ready made speicfic displays on ebay too, head tables flowers everything, if you cant find what your looking for then wait a while longer and look again, you will be amazed at what you find
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    I might add too that artifical flowers have come a long way, i have been very pleasently suprised
  • Busybride11Busybride11 Posts: 721
    Thats great thanks Shelleyh29!!

    I'll have a wee look on ebay now image
  • Bride09Bride09 Posts: 204
    i used sarahsflowers.co.uk

  • SueLouCSueLouC Posts: 16
    May I also suggest tht you try foam flowers too? You can get these from most of the same places you could buy silk flowers from. They seem to hold their shape and they look more realistic....in my opinion.

    good luck!
  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    I got mine from sarahsflowers.co.uk and they were lovely. I was really pleased x
  • I just went on sarahsflowers.co.uk and its amazing! xx
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