First Dance Song

Hi everyone!

I'm having a song dilema! Me and my Fiance have chosen Lovesong by The Cure for our first dance, but I am starting to have doubts about having this as I don't think it is that easy to dance to (h2b can't dance).

We need to find something that is nice and slow..but we are both big rock music fans and I'm finding it hard to think of anything else that will be good.

Any ideas????

Thanks xxx


  • scrummie2bscrummie2b Posts: 266
    My H2B wants ACDC "Highway to Hell" as our first dance!! Doesn't get anymore rock than that!! Lol!!xx
  • karen02bluekaren02blue Posts: 500
    If it means something to you both go for it x
  • LoubieFlissLoubieFliss Posts: 107
    Hi there,

    Check out this top 20 of First Dances. You never know, it might help!image

  • Metallica - Nothing else matters?

    Not having it myself but seriously considered it. Neither H2b nor myself are particularly good at dancing so we've gone with a nice upbeat song we can bop around and be silly to. (Beach Boys - God Only Knows in case you were wondering).

    If I have a good think I might come up with some more but it's late (to me anyway!) so I'll post any other ideas tomorrow.
  • don't see why it needs to be a slow song - think Living on a Prayer - that's a love song (probably not quite appropriate though!) and it's not slow.

    why don't you think of your joint favourite song and dance to that?

    we both love 80s music and have chosen Whitney H's I wanna dance with somebody, because neither of us wants to dance to a slow song! image
  • IBFunkyukIBFunkyuk Posts: 976
    Hi we had michelle featherstone and we are man and wife...we didn't have a song as such but we listened to the words and it felt right....
  • Lyn_MLyn_M Posts: 886
    We are having Feeling Good by Muse. Its a popular song, but we are the version by one of our favourite bands.

    Starts of kind of slow then rocks up abit. image

    I am having Friday I'm In Love by the Cure for walking down the aisle image
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