Evening Guests

Joobs09Joobs09 Posts: 214
Hi all

How many more people are you having in the evening? Just interested as we're not having many more.



  • MrsmcsweeneyMrsmcsweeney Posts: 852
    We aren't either! Only about 5 other couples if that! image
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    We are having about another 70 in the evening. h2b knows a lot of people!
  • all of our guests are invited to the day, which includes the service and a buffet in the church afterwards.

    we're actually inviting fewer to the evening, as we are inviting most of our church friends to the day only.

  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    about 20 thats it!
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    We're only having about another 20. They are the people that I rarely see, or are friends of my parents (my parents' closest friends are coming to the whole day and so are friends of the parents in law).

  • gourmandgourmand Posts: 45
    Yup, 20 for us. the way the package works, we can invite 20 people to the evening with no extra charge.
  • Coconut-5Coconut-5 Posts: 70
    We are just having the same people for the whole day! Venue is 2.5 hours from where we live and we decided that if we didn't want people there for the ceremony etc then we weren't too fussed about inviting them
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We are, work people, cousins I haven't seen for 20 years, we can't afford for them to come for whole day.
  • gourmandgourmand Posts: 45
    I was worried that if I didn't invite lots of people in the evening, that a lot of the day guests would go home early and kill the atmosphere.

    Because of this, I'm supplying a coach to get guests to and from the venue. That way I know that most guests will be there right through the day.
  • We're almost doubling our daytime numbers, with a further 70/80 people (not finalised my guest list yet!).

    I have a big family - so have lots of cousins (and their partners/children) coming along in the evening! H2b & I also work in large teams & we get on well with our workmates - but just can't afford to have all of them (plus partners) during the day.
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