What to give under 3s to keep them quiet during the speeches

I am planning to give colouring packs to the over 3s at the reception when they have finished eating and start to get bored. Howeve, these packs say 'not suitable for the under 3s' so I don't know what to get them. Only want to spend a couple of pounds each. Any suggestions welcome please (with just a week to go!).


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    I have the same dilemma but my wedding is 5 months away! I am planning to ask their parents what they are into and what they can play quietly with- then put something like that on their parents chairs as a gift....

    I am clueless about kids so I think asking the parents is my best hope!
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    Get them some colouring but with wax crayons. Depends how young though but 2 and over I would. Any babies then soft books.
  • it would be a good idea to give them board books - ones that have flaps and touchy-feely bits on.

    agree with ceb for the onder 2s with soft books.

    also, cuddly toys work quite well.
  • I've done a party bag with a magic slate (didn't want to run the risk of crayons all over the walls!), bubbles, chocolate buttons and a tiger mask for the boys and fairy wings for the girls. I'm hoping this will keep them all still and fairly quiet!
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    If you wanted the same as your other party bags, crayola do crayons from 1 year, my 2 year old had a great time with them, Also I am sure their parents will help keep them entertained, I have 2 under 3 and if I was a guest at a wedding It would be up to me to make sure my children were as quiet as possible, durng the speeches.

    My youngest is 8 months and loves holding onto a softbook, also chews it a lot so that will help the noise level...

    The early learning center often do 3 for 2 on books.
  • i've got my under 3's a colouring in book with wax crayons so they can scribble and also a touchy board book from amazon it from the 'thats not my' series which my kids loved when they were little also i've got them a little pot of white chocolate buttons!

    Over 3's instead of a board book i've given them a disposable camera and a list of pics to get and a wedding wordsearch i've made and a pot of strawberry bon bons! yum

    here's the list

    Please get someone to take a photo of you with the pink camera in your bag, and then take a photo of the following items....

    1 A lady with blue or red shoes

    2 A cake

    3 Some flowers

    4 A candle

    5 The most handsome man in the room

    6 The prettiest lady in the room

    7 A baby

    8 A friend

    9 Tallest person

    10 Someone with ginger hair

    11 Someone with grey hair

    12 The oldest person in the room

    13 Children playing

    14 A bird or animal

    Then use the rest of the camera film to take any nice photos you like. Then when you have finished please post it in the wishing well.

    Thank you

  • You will probably find that the parents will also be armed with stuff to entertain their children, my boys are 3 and 4 now but when we get invited to places i always take things to keep them entertained.

    Places like home bargains and quality save do activity packs for really cheap. i will certainly be buying things for the children at my wedding in december!!

    Good luck
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    I've got a 1 1/2 year old coming and his mum told me that crayons, paper and chocolate buttons will do the trick! Also got a couple of little jigsaws for him too x
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