Favours for kiddies

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Was just wondering what everyone is doing the kiddies for favours and things to keep them occupies during speeches...



  • Hi we are having different things from this website: http://www.doodlendine.com they have things for every age group x
  • MariaCukMariaCuk Posts: 277
    Hi tishlash,

    I have replied to a few threads re how to keep children ammused during weddings, and childrens activity packs,...so I thought Ild just let you know what I have done for mine and have done,..and do for others!

    I had an Activity pack, which was a Massive HIT ! Included was all sorts to keep the children entertained ,...including an Activity Book.

    At my wedding the childrens ages ranged from 2 to 11,...so if interested, this is the age range I would recommend for my Packs!

    I have listed onto ebay, so if you would like to take a look, here is the link :


    Feel free to contact me with any requirements, I can almost do any theme !

    Lots of Love -x-x-

  • kez1kez1 Posts: 86
    I have seen various gift bags you can get including colouring etc but these seem really expensive. So i thought about making my own, getting some nice gift bags, and then filling them with things appropriate for their age as we have a few shildren attending from about 3 years to 15 years, although the older ones won't be so hard to entertain. Then for actual favours all the adults are having chocolates, but i have decided to get some cookies for the children from a company called Kates Kreative Cakes, I have seen some i like that are like a set of three ginger bread men and i can have them coloured in my colour scheme and then they are in little bags with a ribbon and for £2.00 each thought these were really good.

    Hope this gives you an idea
  • MrsEBMrsEB Posts: 750
    hey, in my favor boxes the adults have the tradtional sugared almonds - but the kids have haribos instead... i have also done them a little party bag to keep them entertained which i made myself. I bought an activity book each (relating to their age) from AsdaGeorge shop (no more than £1 each) and then added just general party bag toys bubbles etc..

    hope this helps?
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