Anyone seen these any cheaper?

I have martini glass centrepieces but would like to raise them so that people can see clearly across the table! I have seen these tiered mirror plates which are perfect but at £8.95-£12.95 each to hire they will be too expensive (I need 8!).

Has anyone seen these anywhere to buy/hire for any less?

Thank you!


  • sue247sue247 Posts: 65

    Hi bridecindy

    check e-bay you may find just want you,re looking for

    or ikea

    , i picked some square ones up from asda about 10 inches square about a month ago in a sale for 50p each yes 50p, they were in a clearance basket i got 13 of them .

    Deff look around , depending when your wedding is search e-bay & put search reminder & it will e-mail you when someone lists some .

    good luck
  • cindy11wcindy11w Posts: 53
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I am looking for raised mirror plates which seem to be a bit more difficult to get hold of! In the link there is a picture towards the bottom that shows the kind of thing I am looking for.

    Anyone else seen these? x
  • shop1909shop1909 Posts: 446
    Have you seen the actual glasses you are using? mine are quite tall so unless you are about 7ft you'll easily see under them clearly and so you might not need the raised feature?
  • cindy11wcindy11w Posts: 53
    I have the actual glasses - I bought them a while ago. Not sure of the actual measurements but I got them out of the loft and put them on the table and I do think they will be on eye line. I mean it's not the end of the world if we can't get raised mirrors, I just wanted to look into the possibility!

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