Brother's Speech

krazeeveekrazeevee Posts: 103
My brother is giving me away. Hasnt made a speech yet - but no worries, I only get married in a week's time! Anyone have any ideas what he should say? Obviously Father's normally get something emotional into their speeches but we have a more "fun" relationship. Any advice would be really welcome!

Thanks girls!


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    It is quite a personal thing but a fun memory of you growing up would be nice.
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    My brother is giving me away too, and he's pretty worried about filling my Dad's shoes! I've sent him an e-mail with links to websites that give tips, sample speeches etc., that he can at least use as a guide. Personal memories and what you mean to him as a sister add a special touch, and of course a funny story is a must!
  • krazeeveekrazeevee Posts: 103
    Thanks girls. Dont know who is more worried ....him or me! image
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