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chickywikchickywik Posts: 113
hi just wondering if anyone is putting table names on their tables instead of numbers.....something a little different. like football grounds or team names or soap names.....wotcha think? its so people miten't think along the lines of "why am i at table 5 and she's at table 3??".......

thanks for any ideas....all welcome

x :\)


  • MOTBzillaMOTBzilla Posts: 127
    when my daughter got married a couple of years ago, she named the tables after favourite beaches, parks, forests and suchlike that she and her husband had gone to when they were engaged, and it really gave a personalised touch to the tables, and as you say, got away from the numbering which usually ranks people in priority at the reception meal.
  • SusanJaneSusanJane Posts: 117
    Hi my H2b works in Rugby and my life outside my work is basically Rugby - we are having rugby positions - like srum half, fly half etc - as you say - not going to put the corresponding numbers on so they are all equal! Just hope the people at the 'prop' or 'hooker' tables don't take offence!!
  • claremillarclaremillar Posts: 335
    hi im having a butterfly theme , confetti, cake, intivations etc . really subtle x
  • h7_cjsyahoocoukh7_cjsyahoocouk Posts: 1,378
    I think this is a fab idea and seems to be more commnon than numbers these day too....!! Names seem to be something personal to the bride & groom (as suggested by MOTB and Twiggy) or linked to the theme, e.g champagne colour scheme and then tables names after champagne's. What theme/ colour scheme are you having chickywik?? H xx
  • kathryn1979kathryn1979 Posts: 55
    I am having New York themed tables, 5th Avenue, Central Park, Empire State etc, reminds us of where we got engaged.

    Our table plan is going to be a blown up pic of us in a horse and carridge in Central Park (faded black & white pic) with all the table names written on it, my friend knocked it up for me on power point, just got to get it enlarged and printed!
  • francybfrancyb Posts: 586
    we are having old filmstars humphrey bogart, clark gable, marylin munor audrey hepburn .........
  • lalapinkuklalapinkuk Posts: 725
    we were racking our brains at the weekend and finally came up with different flowers our cake is called casscading blossom it has lots of gorgeous flowers so the theme fitted in perfectly so far the main table is lilies and will be decorated with lilies, there will also be roses, daisies, lavender, snowdrop, orchaid,caenarions and a few more and we're going to get them all apart from the lavender in a soft pink colour to go with the theme and each table will be decorated with the flower its named after, and after we're going to give the flower to a person on the table they were sitting at as a keepsake of the day to take home :\)
  • We're having names of towns, cities etc that mean something to us - some of them won't be very glamourous like "Dewsbury" or "Gravesend", but everyone we've told about it thinks it's a good idea and it'll make it more personal to us. We're even having one called "Victoria coach station" cos that's where my other half asked me to marry him - doesn't have to be a fancy location to be romantic!!
  • JB69ukJB69uk Posts: 499
    We having British Native Trees. Getting married in a 19th Century Garden so trying to tie in the Garden theme to the reception. Will be busy taking photos of the tress and then collecting leaves and pressing them to scatter on the individual tables.
  • We're going to Australia for our honeymoon so calling the tables the places that we're visiting while we're there! OR thinking about having a casino at the reception and going for a vegas theme, if we do them we're goin to call them names of the big hotels in Vegas
  • Kerrie1979Kerrie1979 Posts: 126
    We are having disney characters as we are going to Florida for our honeymoon. It fits nice as well because alot of my family love Florida as well, my gran is called Minnie so she will sit at Minnie's table. x

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  • angela4807angela4807 Posts: 184
    hiya, i agree i think table names are so much more personal than numbers plus it cuts out the politics of what auntie is at what table number, our theme is ying and yang of scotland and england. as im scottish and fiance english, our table names are going to be for esample newton, flemming , kay and connley think it will work really well. i hope it does anyways.:\)
  • creme-eggcreme-egg Posts: 66
    oo this has been great for getting ideas, i have thought about using different names for pink (puce, strawberry, dusky, candy etc) which is part of the colour theme,... but dont think h2b will like it so also thought about the idea of different places we're going on honeymoon...bangkok, chaing mai, koh samui etc! 66 days to go! am excited!

    CE xx
  • I think we are going to have "Liverpool Greats" i.e, Rush, Gerrard, etc etc

    HTB is a HUGE Liverpool fan

  • K-TrainK-Train Posts: 129
    We got engaged after travelling around Japan, New Zealand, Las Vegas and LA so I was going to use them in our names but - I really like the idea of using Rugby positions now as Fiance is a Rugby player - he might appreciate it more! image
  • Im having an old Vegas theme so were naming our tables after Vegas hotels from the 50s. Me and h2b love Vegas but i thought it looked like a much more glamorous place back then, in the days of the rat pack and when everyone dressed up to go the casinos.
  • clareeg21clareeg21 Posts: 218
    We are having dance names, as I am a dance teacher!
  • Joanna72ukJoanna72uk Posts: 380
    I ma naming our tables after precious stones platinum diamonds etc as i love a bit of bling lol
  • Although I haven't confirmed this with H2B we are having names of table sauces; e.g. HP sauce, BBQ, TK. This might sound strange but we meet whilst working for a sauce maunafacturer so it means something special to us! As H2B is a big fan of HP we shall have that as the top table name I think!! image
  • didiukdidiuk Posts: 61
    Hi We were thinking of naming our tables after fashion designers as i love my fashion and people always comment how we spend all our spare money on clothes. so a tad tounge in cheek.. Tables like Jimmy Choo, Dior, Versace, etc is this cool or slightly crap? please be honest xxx
  • suewatkinsuewatkin Posts: 16
    Our reception is at the Pudding Club at Three Ways House in Gloucestershire so we're having pudding names for our tables, the kids table is Jelly and Ice Cream but my favourite has to be the Spotted Dicks!
  • Alicia78ukAlicia78uk Posts: 44
    We're naming ours after the 4 places we are going on honeymoon and getting postcards to go on each table as the name!

    Have managed to track some down off ebay and my friend is bringing some more when she gets back off honeymoon hopefully.....
  • florasukflorasuk Posts: 269
    We originally thought of naming the tables after Arsenal players. But I recently came up with the idea of Greek Mythology (h2b is half greek-cypriot). Top table would be Mount Olympus, and we'd name the other tables after Greek gods etc eg Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo etc.
  • boo81boo81 Posts: 5
    we're thinking of naming the tables after different sweets like jelly beans, love hearts, liqurice allsorts, flying saucers etc and having a big bowl of sweets for each table, thought it'd be a bit fun?

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  • boo81boo81 Posts: 5
    we're thinking of naming the tables after different sweets like jelly beans, love hearts, liqurice allsorts, flying suacers etc and having a big bowl of sweets for each table, thought it'd be a bit fun?
  • shelnpaulshelnpaul Posts: 126
    We are having places we have visited together and as our top table we are ahaving the place we got engaged - Dominican Republic - everywhere we have been is represented

  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023
    Ours is a winter wedding, and we are going snowboarding as part of our honeymoon, so our table names are going to be our favourite ski resorts! I think its definitely much more fun than table numbers.
  • davisons80davisons80 Posts: 211
    Kathryn1979 - we got engaged in New York too - in a carriage in Central Park! I guess it's not that unsual but no one else I've spoken to has! I love your idea for table names - it's really inspired! Don't worry though, I won't be stealing it as we have decided to have the names of famous poets (I did a literary degree so it kind of makes sense!) Have you thought about having pictures of the actual places under the table names as well as the enlarged Central Park picture (which by the way would look fabulous as your top table!). So the table that's called Empire State has a corresponding picture underneath. Could either be ones you've taken or ones from the internet? Just a thought as I am sure you have some fabulous photos from your trip! New York is the most amazing place on earth!! Although I may be changing my mind after going to Australia for my honeymoon!!

    Good luck with everything! Sarah xx
  • mammatotwinsmammatotwins Posts: 177
    My H2B proposed in the champagne region in France so we are having champagne names for our tables.
  • sarah4johnsarah4john Posts: 161
    We've been together for 10 years so we're going to have our 10 tables named after each year we've been together (with the top table being 2007!) and with photos of us together during each year.xx
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