Guest Books

Hi ladies, I am really struggling to find a nice wedding guest book to go on a beautiful Maison Fleur stand I bought from BHS.

Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated image



  • mrsgornallmrsgornall Posts: 507
    Hi, a friend's mum does guest books and has her own website. She is really flexble and will amend her designs to what you want plus she is very reasonable and costs include postage. The website is xx
  • MooberryhenMooberryhen Posts: 898

    Depends what you want, I got mine from

  • kerrie1973kerrie1973 Posts: 111
    I'm going for one of the fuji instax photo guest books from

    They're just like a Polaroid guest book, but much cheaper and I really wanted the photos of my guests alongside their messages?
  • joeymusicjoeymusic Posts: 15
    we are getting guests to write the messages on luagage lables and tie them to a tree, that way we can put the labels in a scrap book with other keep sakes
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