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Is this taking the PISS??!!!

kaiuk1kaiuk1 Posts: 149
@king believ it!! if this was the case why on earth did they not put it in their tarriff or tell us as we have not budgeted for this??? Do you agree this is really taking the piss as we feel we have been conned!!! xxxximage


  • trippiertrippier Posts: 102
    Well that is a piss take, if it isn't in their T&C's or tarriff then they can take a run and jump! I am aware of a corkage charge where you have to pay a little to them if you are bringing your own wine. I would threaten them with trading standards - they can't do it. For our reception we are taking over a statley home with 10 bedrooms all of which will be full with guests, they have one restaurant which we are paying £60 per head for the meal and they still want 1K on top for exclusive use! My Dad is paying for most of it and he is fuming and refussing to pay it - I don't blame him. As soon as you mention the "W" word they rip you off!
  • CassieandraukCassieandrauk Posts: 271
    They are definitely taking the piss! Like Trippier says I would check your terms & conditions in case there is anything in there. If you haven't asked for wine though they should not be forcing you to have it. Especially not at £500!! image

    The pound signs appear in their eyes when they hear the word 'wedding'!

  • trippiertrippier Posts: 102
    And I'd imagine you are spending a fair bit on the champers and canopes - god it annoys me!
  • camillamukcamillamuk Posts: 753
    Do not let them do this to you. Say you will print the story in the local paper if necessary. It really annoys me that places feel they can do this - they obviously know we are stressed out and nervous about the day already and think we will give in.

    Name and same them - where is this place??
  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    It sounds bad. Check that there is nothing in the small print anywhere on their brochures/website etc. Try to talk with them about it calmly and reason with them rationally before you threaten them etc, as you don't want a bad relationship with people responsible for food etc on your wedding day, if at all possibel. Good luck and keep us posted!
  • smcmsmcm Posts: 164
    what a nightmare - i hope you can get it sorted with them and they've definitely mislead you if nothing else - i agree with the comments above - good luck!
  • SomethingfunnySomethingfunny Posts: 1,380 New bride
    I think that is really taking the piss. I would argue the toss with them and try to put across that because you weren't made aware of it you shouldn't have to pay. Even if they won't get rid of the payment completely at least try and knock it down. Good luck!! xxx
  • angela4807angela4807 Posts: 184
    kai how many tables you having? the reason im asking is that unfortunatly like most things they will have covered their ass somewhere in the conditions. what i was think was the average bottle of house wine is £14/£15. personaly i would say well ill pay for 1 bottle per table and if you dont feel comfortable only putting one bottle on as may mean everyone doesnt get a glass then tell them you dont want to put it on the table but you will pay for it. 9even if you have 15 tables its less than HALF what they want to charge you!!)you could even drink it at the reception or speak to your close family and friends that would buy wine during the meal anyways im sure they would be willing to order in advance. that would save them going to the bar during the meal and save you £500! hope you sort something out! like everyone has said hotels do rip you off because its a wedding, our hotel wanted to charge £8 per jug of ice water which adds up as we having 12 tables...not really the point i refuse to pay that kind of money for water when chances are its out of a tap! anways ill stop ranting good luck!!:\)
  • spunkyfrogspunkyfrog Posts: 264
    I know how you feel ladies. I went to look around our venue, totally fell in love with it despite being top end of our budget, and then after I'd agreed to have the place, was told I would have to hire in portable toilets because people not staying in the house weren't allowed inside (what do they think they are going to do! Steal things!) and we would be charged £12.50 a head for the privelige of having them in a marquee "because they would damage the lawn having the marquee on it". Hmmm...are they going to returf it then after every wedding?! Even people staying in the house have this extra charge!! Just to be allowed in the marquee (which we are paying for anyway)!!! Seems that wedding = rip off to most businesses.
  • Joanna72ukJoanna72uk Posts: 380
    Anything with the word wedding in it people will take the piss big time!!!! venues are notorious for this. there will be a tiny bit of print at the very back of the contract that you need a magnify glass to see.... they will always cover their arses!! especaiily this near to the wedding as they no you wont cancel!!! mske
  • magsieukmagsieuk Posts: 1,434
    It sounds like a complete liberty to me otherwise why wait until 5 weeks before the wedding to present this charge? They're doing it simply because they think you'll have no choice but to pay it or find another venue with 5 weeks to go.

    Its nothing more than blackmail, tell them you'll contact "Watchdog" and Trading Standards and see what they have to say then.
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