Small intimate wedding 10 guests

Having close family and best friends only to our wedding but like idea of having some live music, obviously not a band as have music centre and there is not enough of us but do not want a harpist or violin - something more cheery. Is it a stupid idea for so few guests? Do you think accordionist would be okay? Seen it on a wedding programme the other day. Just thinking about it. Let me know if you have any bright ideas for small wedding. Thanks


  • MangoToesMangoToes Posts: 477
    a single instrument is probably the right way to go. Not got much knowledge on accordions, but if it's an Amelie style one that would be lovely! Alternatively maybe look at classical guitarists or pianists, both lovely background acoustic music and don't draw lots of attention so you wont risk it overshadowing your intimate day.

    Wish I could get away with just 10 people!!!!
  • pinkyperkypinkyperky Posts: 159
    hi thanks very much, yes it is the music from that film. French, Russian, Greek (zorba), movie themes, new/old popular songs. Seems really nice. My mum loves the idea. It is harder when having a small wedding in this country as opposed to being abroad you would have the music from the country you get married in. Whereas here I just feel the wedding would be lacking something without live music and yet it's getting that balance. Just don't want people to enjoy themselves. Think I will enquire and see. Surprisingly whilst searching there are a lot of young people playing these for weddings as well as older people. I do think it is more joyful music than the harp which is a beautiful instrument but I think more for the ceremony not the reception, which I want to be livelier music. Thanks for your comments, just felt very unsure about it for a small wedding.
  • pinkyperkypinkyperky Posts: 159
    I mean I don't want family/friends to be bored and not enjoying the evening after a lovely meal to just have our music played seems a bit lacking........will see.
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    i like the idea, you could style your small intimate wedding like an old movie, would be cool image
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