Help! Wedding favours abroad

Help please...I need wedding table favours but dont really want sugared almonds, chocolate is out of the question too as Im getting married in Cyprus so they will melt, not sure what to have??????


  • Tigs33Tigs33 Posts: 142

    I had handbag charms with a vintage map of the area where we got married for the ladies and cufflinks for the men. They all loved them.

  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93

    ive been two three abroad now, one wedding didnt bother with favours, another which was in italy gave us all a little bottle of local olive oil and the third gave us a photograph each of the local area with a little message written on.

    both couples said they wanted something "local" to remind us all of the place we had been. also meant the didnt have to take up a large part of their suitcase with favours!
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    How about lotto tickets/scratch cards?
  • busyplanningbusyplanning Posts: 631

    We're having sandlwood fans for the ladies (with a personalised sticker) maybe a lottery ticket in holders for the men, activity packs and a ballon for the kids and these for everyone -

    They have personalised stickers on with your name and choice of message such as 'thanks for making the trip' which I thought was lovely!

    Hope this helps xx
  • thanks so much every, you have given me some great tips image
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