I have contacted my venue to see what they charge what can i expect ladies????

I have no idea and want to know if its a good price or not and is it per bottle or case???

the venue was quite cheap its a hotel but less than £3,000 for a room to marry and a meal for 50 inc buffet for 120 and our hotel rm


  • Cookie12ukCookie12uk Posts: 30

    we are being charged £3 a bottle if we bring our own wine. It still works out cheaper than if we have their wine thou so im happy with that!
  • We are being charged £10 a bottle, but that will work out a lot cheaper than the venue buying in the wine we want.
  • sundaeshoessundaeshoes Posts: 332
    thats a big difference so plz ladies post your charges or what you were quoted!!!!
  • lynnr59lynnr59 Posts: 39
    We're paying £5 a bottle corkage. Still works out much cheaper than buying wine from the venue.
  • mrs2be2010mrs2be2010 Posts: 235
    We're paying £10 a bottle corkage
  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    ours was 10 pounds too, 15 for champagne - total daylight robbery! We spent some time in new zealand and went on a wine tour, we sat drinking wine in the sunshine at a lovely little vineyard run by a struggleing young couple. The wine was beautiful. We would have loved to have their wine and they were willing to send us it over at a very reasonable price. Wanted to say to everyone that we had sat and watched the grapes grow in their vineyard! But the corkage would have made it impossible and as the house white and red at the venue are nice enough we've had to go with theirs.

    Its not fair really as a lot of places can't legally tell you to have their wine, but they can make it impossible for you to have anyone elses.

    One thing a friend did was have really big bottles of champagne and they charge you corkage per bottle rather than the amount. Its always worth asking what their deal is before you decide. One advantage of the marquee wedding is that you usually dont have to worry about corkage x
  • sundaeshoessundaeshoes Posts: 332
    plz post more corkage charges!!!
  • HamillcamHamillcam Posts: 226
    ours is £6.50 a bottle, but i've heard it at £30!!!
  • Jo_BukJo_Buk Posts: 57
    Mine is £7.50 for wine, £10 for sparkling wine and £12.50 for champagne. It still works out cheaper and we can have what we want. I think it's saving us about £300 and it will be "upgraded" wine as well!
  • Ours is £9 per head rather than per bottle.

    Im not sure if this works out better for us compared to buying their wine as quite a few of our guests don't drink alcohol, so we would end up paying corkage for people not drinking!
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    We have £8.50 for wine, £9.50 for sparkling and £12.50 for Champers. Really expensive but works out cheaper than or equal to their cheapest bottles.
  • sundaeshoessundaeshoes Posts: 332
    i have been to the venue and they are saying £12 per bottle and 15 for sparking and champagne, i really want to negoiate this any tips!!!!!! plz plz plz

  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    Mine was originally 12 per bottle for wine, but then we asked if we could get a discount if we agreed to keep the number of bottles we brought in to a minimum and agreed to buy their cocktails. They immediately dropped the price of wine to 7.50 each (with NO hesitation).

    Then, luckily for us, they asked how many bottles we had in mind and why (I have an alergy to red wine) so they agreed that if we kept it under 5 bottles for personal consumption that they won't charge us for that at all! RESULT!!! imageimageimage
  • PixenPixen Posts: 607
    I think mines about 12 quid for wine, 15 or 20 for sparkling wine. tHE CHEAPEST WINE IS ABOUT 20 QUid though so i would pay a bit less if i bought my fave wine and the corage, then if i choose theirs.
  • ours is £10 and the venue do bottles for 12 which is really annoying!
  • dbkelsiedbkelsie Posts: 122
    im paying £7 for wine and £10 for champagne. we are also having pimms which is £15 per bottle. we save around £500 pounds by doing this.
  • FlippingfabFlippingfab Posts: 701
    Sorry I had a Marquee wedding one of the main reasons for this was because of the corkage charges at some of the venues I liked £15 a head was average! I could chose my own mobile bar as well which was cheaper than pub prices and stocked what I asked. I ended up buying Blossom Hill at sainsbury on a 6 for £19 deal - totally cleared the shop but spent less than £200 for the lot..and got necter points to ;o) x
  • Sparks26ukSparks26uk Posts: 61
    HAHA - I win! We've been told corkage for our wine is going to be £22 a bottle!!!! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    We've got jewish guests (grooms family!) and the kosher wine needs to be ordered by us - so theyre charging us an HUGE fee for the pleasure!
  • glitters1979glitters1979 Posts: 228
    Ours doesn't charge for corkage. We could buy there drinks package which is £13 per head which includes unlimited reception drinks (will have 3 drnks for the guests to choose from) then unlimted red and white wine on the tables and bottled water and then a glass of fizzy for the speeches.

    If we wanted to bring our own wine there also wouldn't have been a corkage charge.

    Think we are very lucky.

    Glitters x
  • rach1210rach1210 Posts: 252

    ours is £10 per bottle for wine, £15 for champagne.

    The house wine at our venue is £18.50 per bottle and it is awful, i wouldnt even cook with it if i'm honest. we didnt try the house champers, which is £39.90 a bottle, as we figured it would be just as bad.

    Moet at our venue is £49.90 a bottle, so we figured that if we paid less than £35 per bottle for champagne, even with the corkage we would still be at the same price. However my dad always buys this stuff from Cognac in France, which is 7Euros a bottle and is much nicer than the majority of the champagnes i have tried, and is a really pretty summery peach colour. My parents are in France at the moment and are buying me 12 cases, you can guarantee nobody will be able to tell the difference on the day, and if they do, i don't care because I like the one we are having!

    We also figured with the £18.50 "cheap" bottle of house wine, we could pay £8.50 a bottle and the £10 corkage and have nicer wine for the same price by just buying from a supermarket.

    Rachel xx
  • CarmipoosCarmipoos Posts: 98
    £5 for us, feel quite fortunate after seeing what some of you ladies are having to pay image
  • sundaeshoessundaeshoes Posts: 332
    i am going to try and negoiate my price with the venue and see what happens???
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