Essex Brides- Friern Manor

I absolutely love my venue but I'm a bit worried that it only has 5 rooms. Are there any Friern Manor brides out there, I am having problems looking for accommodation for guests that is close by, nice and at a reasonable price. Has anyone had there reception or are having there reception at Friern manor and do you have any suggestions?


  • GoldsGirlGoldsGirl Posts: 497
    my brother got married there two years ago. it was amazing! theres a few hotel in Bas Vegas - Festival Leisure Park and around there. You will have an amazing day, trust me! x
  • raneesonraneeson Posts: 36
    Thanks Gem, I was having a few wobbles about it but all the reviews have always been good so i am going to focus on those and ignore my irational fears.x
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