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Favours for Men ????

I was wondering if anyone else is having favours for the men too...??? I am having personalised candles in organza bags for the ladies, but would also like a cheeky favour too so,...I thought of getting matching organza bags and filling them with chocolate coins (like little money bags) for the men....but my mum hates the idea...(Im having a christmas wedding so thought it would be different!!)......

does it sound naff ????? and is my mother right..???



  • HellytHellyt Posts: 652
    I don't think it sounds naff but anything chocolate is fine by me!!

    Have u considered chocolate footballs? Bit of a stereotype I know but most men do like their footie. -=

    this website also does personalised chocolate coins.

    We're thinking of having scratch cards for the men and chocs for the ladies. It might be an idea to get some samples that way you can see what they look and taste like and you Mum might change her mind!

    Good luck



  • The chocolate idea is great.....the ladies will steal them from their partners as they will only have a that I love...Im going to have a quick look now !!!

    I did think of footballs but my friend got married last year and had footballs for the men..(don't want to be seen as a copycat !!)

    see...I do like the idea of scratch cards too for the men....mum might go for that !!

    thankyou !!!
  • HellytHellyt Posts: 652
    No probs!!

    Happy Hunting image


  • XabiukXabiuk Posts: 1,686
    how about retro sweets? thats what i'll be having.x
  • kellyanludkellyanlud Posts: 888
    We have just bought some plain ivory tuxedo mens favour boxes form ebay. Were decorating them ourselves by putting a flower on them and a tie both in red as thats one of the colours in our theme. In each we are putting 2 poss 3 (see what we can fit whe we buy them) mini chocolate liquors, the ones that are shapped like miniture bottles e.g jack daniels flavour look like jack daniels bottles. You can buy them normally from Home & Bargain or B&Ms or places like that around xmas time for about £1 - £2 for about 10 bottles/a box.
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    We are doing scratch cards in envelopes too x
  • kt21ockt21oc Posts: 192
    We are doing bathbombs for the ladies and scratch cards or lottery tickets for the men x
  • laurabarrielaurabarrie Posts: 357
    kt21oc we are doing the same! I have thought maybe instead of scratch cards having actual lottery tickets and then in the evening getting the DJ to read out the numbers from the lottery draw! hopefully one of the guest will win a large amount and give us some!! lol!

  • kiara1808kiara1808 Posts: 66
    were having chocolates for the ladies and miniature whiskys for the men
  • monamiemonamie Posts: 36
    we are doing hand-made christmas tree decorations, which we think is appropriate for everyone plus they can all use them again and every year when they put the decs up they can remember our anniversary!!! image
  • claretweezeclaretweeze Posts: 1,613
    You could buy/make wedding xmas crackers. I bought men good luck charms from
  • SophukSophuk Posts: 100
    Hiya, I think it sounds a lovely idea. You know how men love to watch their pennies!

    I went for miniature bottles of Baileys for the ladies and miniature bottles of jack daniels for the men. Alcohol suits everyone... especially my crowd. At the end of the day its your wedding so if you wanna go for it don't listen to anyone else x
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