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For those of you who have had a photo booth, please can I ask who you used, what you thought of the quality/service and also how much you paid?



  • Hi

    I am having a local company called smiley booth, I am paying £350. Not sure how far they travel but their website is

  • Hey,

    Were goetting ours from Rentabooth, ours is costing about £550. A friend hired them and sayed they were really really good. The guy that runs it Richard Goulden also does wedding photography, perhaps we could do you a good deal if he did both for you.

    Good Luck!! xx
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    we are having a photo booth for our wedding in march.

     i went to my friends wedding last month and they had a photo booth from this company, the people who run it were great fun and they had a book to put the photos in and sign, it was amazing.  we booked them 300 as they are doing a 4 for 3 hour deal at the moment.

    Good luck xxxx

  • Our friends had smileybooth and they were charged £400 
  • Hello,

    Anywhere is a good place to photo booth please anyone let me know...! 
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    I love the idea of a photo booth and the hilarious results from it. But we're on  a tight budget so I'm making a book and flower backdrop and I'll provide some props too. We'll sort a hashtag so photos can go on there but we also have a Polaroid camera. Here's a pic of what I'm aiming for . 

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