Peacock theam it bad luck??

I really like the colour teal as my key wedding colour as my mum also had that colour for her wedding 30 years ago, I think it's timeless. I then thought why not use a peacock feather as the wedding theme as it had teal contained in it. Ever since I have mentioned this to my close family all I have heard is tales that feathers are bad luck and peacock feathers are truly bad luck as they contain the "evil eye". I am not a superstitious person but this whole wedding business has turned me in a (yes i am going to admit this) bridezilla and this whole feather thing is now driving me mad so thought I would ask other brides for their perspective on this.

Any advice girls???


  • ive never heard of this, and i love the idea of a peacock theme could be soo beautiful with the teal and then a true green and hints of gold. xx
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    I nearly went with this theme myself! I think it's lovely and wouldn't worry about bad luck.
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    Hiya, Im having a peacock themed wedding and don't believe that they are bad luck (well i hope anyway!)

    I just love the colours in peacock feathers,

    good luck wih your planning x
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    i hate to say it but me an hubby will never have a peacock feather near us haha. i saw some for sale years ago whilst in scotland and on way home i begged him to stop an let me get one ...back on road after buying one we were driving along a road when a car came up behind us and kept getting really close, the roads hadnt been gritted and we ended up skidding off into a wall..we know if we hadnt have stopped for the stupid feather we would prob have been ok lol... sucks as i love them but not anymore xx
  • ooo really? never heard that before. Am also doing the peacock feather thing, love them and their colours!

    Good luck!
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    I've never heard of that before...
  • There is an old superstition that peacock feathers are meant to be bad luck if you have them in the house. No idea where this comes from but think it is linked to supposedly having the 'evil eye' within the feather.

    However I think that other cultures believe that this eye looks out over the home and protects it! Just depends which way you look at it and which culture you believe in!

    If you want to have that has your theme hun, you go for it! I personally love the teal/blue/gold colours! Will be especially nice if it was your mums colours too.

    x x
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    I absolutely love peacock feathers and think this will be a stunning theme, go with your instincts ignore other people's superstitions!

    For my friend's bday several years ago I bought her a beaded bracelet - the type of stone was meant to mean 'luck'. She wore it at her party where someone blocked the sink with tissue which flooded the venue and most of her presents/cards were ruined, everyone had to leave early and her parents had to fork out a wedge to cover the damage!

  • I've also heard they are bad luck in the home, but only in the home, so I don't see why you shouldn't have them at a wedding venue!
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    My granny kept an peacock feather fan in her house as long as I can remember and she had no notable bad luck. I think we make our own luck and I love peacock feathers.
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    I think they're beautiful and will look amazing. Sadly I come from a (crazy) supersitious family and my mum / aunts / nan would freak out over them. My great-grandma used to cross herself if she saw one! Mind you, we couldn't have a green theme either because of the superstitions around that and most brides don't think green bridesmaids are unlucky anymore, so as long as your families aren't as... nutty... as mine, go for it!
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    I love the peacock feather idea as my colour theme is teal and purple, I mentioned peacock feathers to my parents and immediately they went crazy saying it was bad luck so having to forget my idea about peacocks. They do look beautiful though!
  • my colour is also teal, and I am going to have my sashes for chair covers tied to the side of the chairs with a peacock feather is each, it looks amazing!! never heard the bad luck thing xx
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    I love peacock feathers but I've also heard that they are bad luck!
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    I think its a really good idea! Im having a cream and teal colour scheme which sounds a bit boring compared to peacock! If it was me Id have a sign, maybe on the table names, explaining the legends of peacock feathers in other cultures where its good luck to counter act any supersticious negativity! ... A bit like in Nandos where they have those portugese chicken legends lol
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    Thats the first time I've heard that saying. Not that I'm superstitious. (or didn't think I was till I read this image )

    My scheme is also teal,ivory and peacock feathers!! I just finished making my centre pieces this afternoon, teal lily vases with orchids and peacock feathers, I at my parents house image Should I be worried?? image Either way, I won't be letting that cat out the bag, my mums the most superstitious person I know image
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    Since having a peacock feather in my house, I have graduated, fallen pregnant without trying, had a problem free pregnancy, an easy birth, a happy, healthy little boy and am getting married and buying our 'forever' home. I haad never heard the superstition that they are bad luck and I will also be having peacock feathers at my wedding. I will be carrying one tied to my book as well (I'm not carrying flowers). image
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    I am too having a peacock theme one of my customers has one so I'll be getting my feathers from there. I've never heard of them being bad luck but I think you make your own luck in life image

    Steph xx
  • Peocock feather a bad luck and that eye is evil eye? this is the first time in my life i heard of things. please don't belive a word and go for it. in one culture (which is mine and worlds 2nd or 3rd belife ) peacock feathers are symbolism for  unfolded glory,Vision,Royalty,Spirituality,Awakening,Refinement,Incorruptibility and its a sacred symbol both peacock and the feather 

    feel blessed for the though of having peocock theme, or keeping it in your home

  • If it's any help, in India seeing a peacock is considered lucky so it just depends who you listen to image (though not sure about in the house,mind).

    There are quite a lot of people around who've probably all at some point broken a mirror, walked under a ladder, walked the wrong way round a black cat, put shoes on the table, not chucked salt over their shoulder etc etc who are all still doing just fine.

    As mentioned a above, make light of it and then don't worry about it at all.
  • Some people are superstitious, and some are not, however why take chances? You also have guests to consider. If they consider your wedding theme bad luck, they might leave, just to avoid the problem. The peacock and it's feathered "eyes" are a mark of the goddess Hera, who was jealous and mean. She took great delight in destroying weddings, and happy homes, You would think that she wasn't happy in her own marriage. Oh wait, she wasn't. Her husband cheated on her with everyone, so she's not a happy Goddess. The "eye's" were how she kept her eyes on people and what they were doing.

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    This thread was started in 2010! That's like vintage! 

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    I would if OP had any issues at her wedding? haha

    'The "eye's" were how she kept her eyes on people and what they were doing.' Technically she gave the peacock the eyes of Argus as a way to commenerate her loyal servant, she didn't watch people through them.

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    Hahah I want to know how the wedding turned out now!

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