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first dance and cutting the cake???

When do you think we should cut the cake, and have our first dance? The wedding breakffast is 3-5, speeches 5-5.30 - then free time for an hour - the evening starts at 6.30. H2B is saying cake cutting at 8 and first dance at 7. I think 8 is too late for the cake, it would have been sitting around all day!!! But we do want the whole thing cut up for dessert for the evening buffett. Whats the 'norm'?


  • nataliedcrnataliedcr Posts: 1,759

    i'm not sure what the norm is but we had a meeting with our venue a few days ago and this is how we're doing it...

    4:30 speeches

    5-7 wedding breakfast

    7:30 reception starts

    8:45 cutting cake

    8:50 first dance

    9pm buffet

    don't forget you evening guests probably won't be arriving in force untill later than the time u stated so if u dd ur 1st dance at 7 maybe a lot of people will miss it?
  • thefutureMrsFthefutureMrsF Posts: 237
    That sounds good WickedElphaba didnt realise we would have to wait til later for the first dance x
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