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Hi ladies,

I was just reading back on the "Any Leics brides" from a few weeks ago & reading what you both had put about chopping and changing your packages at Bosworth, what have you both changed so far with regards to the drinks package etc, and reetyre u mentioned about having ur cake as pud what did they offer you in exchange? We are just debating about adding to our drinks packages/options n stuff, would like to have more drink (1 glass bucks fizz isn't much from 1.20-3pm for every1...!), and possibly a drink for everyone at the start of the reception but their drinks are so expensive, corkage is £10.50 a bottle! We're having 75 people to our wedding breakfast & a further 45 to the evening so would like to come some deals maybe but I've got another 297 days to go don't want to push my luck b4 our big day!!! Be gratfeul of your replies! Thank you! x x :\?

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    Hi MrsYoung2b - another Bosworth Bride eh?

    How exciting!

    I havent asked to make my changes yet as when I do they tend to say I should wait (330 days to go) till nearer the time. Bah, its annoying as I want to get things pinned down but Madeline has assured me that I can chop & change & one of my close friends had her reception there last year & she swapped the buffet for bacon sandwiches and the brides mum did the flower arrangements on the tables so Bosworth upgraded the bride & groom's room for the night.

    Bosworth have also swapped their menus for things lke bangers & mash - or so I am told the chef is very accommodating. I am hoping to have a starter of my choice and pud as my cake so use the pud money to upgrade the main course.

    We have 60 guests to the b-fast & another 120 at night (its al about the dancing). We are hoping to have the welcome bucks fizz in the daytime plus Pimms for the night guests (75p/glass for 1st glass or so my booklet says).

    Personally I think corkage is daft, they are a hotel, the corkage is so expensive because they want you to buy their booze. If they are 33cl glasses of wine you only get 3 glasses to a bottle anyway.

    We have finally decided to have a pay bar, as my h2b put it, why should we spend thousands of pounds to make people go to the loo? Crude but I do see his point!
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    Yes Hi Marie its me Clare!! I posted this before i emailed you! We have thought about the pimms too but h2b isn't convinced its 'suitable' to give in March to the evening guests?! I agree about the corkage, we keep changing our minds about what to do and what drinks to provide for everyone! We have paid to upgrade our room on our wedding night to the talbot suite (£185 though!), but I have booked it for me and my cbm the night b4 as weel another £185 but at least I've got the room to get ready in in the morning and can have my photo's in there bcz its a a gorgeous suite & its usually £305 a night so they've done me a good deal there yey!!

    See your h2bs point, we're having a pay bar in the evening, b nice to give 1 welcome drink -as for the day, we will provide what we can provide! But am assuming the bar will be open if people want anything else/extra?! x
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    just a quick question as considering this as my venue have you guys got married there yet? recomend it???
  • Hi barbird! Not yet but get married there in March so will let you know! Have you ever been? I personally love it there! The corkage and stuff isn't cheap but the package deal is quite good really! When are you getting married? They have got a wedding fayre on 23rd September u should go n have a look xxx
  • hi mrs young 2 b, i was reading a few other posts and spotted this one - we have just come back from seeing bosworth and were very impressed especially as we can take advantage of the 25% off thing. have reserved a date for sept next year and was hoping to go to the fayre in sept.

    Can i ask, - what did you think of the standard accomodation, as Rachel (think she is general manager) showed us a few of the suites - which were HUGE!! and also some of the standard rooms, and I was a little dissappointed - they could just do wiht a makeover. rachel did say that they are n the process of redecorating, have you seen any of these new rooms?

    apart from that i think it will be a goer!! - my god you dont understand how many venues i have seen!!!! arrghghh!! so to finally think - YEP THIS is it!! is great..... please do let me know how your wedding goes. I also like the idea that you can swap things around. are you getting married at bosworth? or at a church? what rooms are you using - or the marquee??? god loads of questions - sorry - - - guess just a little excited!!

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  • Hir, I have just replied to your email actually! We stayed in a standard room when we first stayed there it was as u said old fashioned but clean and had everything we needed....apparently they use the newer better decorated rooms at the other end of the hotel for wedding guests, I haven't seen one though. I am staying in the Norfolk suite the night before the wedding with my cbm (+bms in another room), and having the norfolk suite for our wedding night it has cost us £180 to upgrade on our wedding night and the same again for the night before! I'm getting married at Bosworth and having everything there, not using the marquee bcz its in March...We are using the tollemarche suite for our wedding breakfast & evening reception, the wolston lounge for the drinks reception and the cromptons for the ceremony...(the wolston lounge is the one with the dark oak panels near the front doors where you come in for the weddings, and the cromptons is the room near it down stairs witht he pink walls- do you know which ones I mean?) EmmaE1 is also getting married at Bosworth the day after me if u see her on here, she is getting married at the church and having her meal in the room upstairs can't think what its called! We aren't switching much around now actually, btu have asked things like for our cake to be cut up and put out with buffet etc, you can choose your timings for the evevning if u like, we get married at 1pm so everything finished about 5ish then there was a 2+1/2hr gap so to save money on entertainment etc we are starting the evening reception at 6;30pm...mm have I answered everything?? Ask away I don't mind!! We have got to pay our first 50% deposit end of this month actually!! Any other questions let me know! xxx
  • thanks for info Mrs Young 2b, really hope everything goes well. from what we have seen today, we were thinking:

    married in the wolston lounge (oak panel room) then drinks out by the steps and round onto the terrace for photos etc. then into marquee for weddng breakfast, then into the tollemarhce suite for evening and disco.

    really hope they do do up the bedrooms, but too be honest, it is such a grand place, esp inside (I love 'bbc's pride and prejudice,) and i just get that feeling from it - do you know what i mean.

    havent managed to read any bad reviews either on here, so really happy.

    Funny you know - the thought process of choosing a wedding used to just involve H2b and parents - now it seems i also come on here and read up on it!! and if all are positive reviews.,...... do you know anyone that has been married and written a 'wedding report' on here?

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  • No I haven't heard bad reviews either so far so good!! We are not using much decor to be honest, we are hiring chair covers, table runners and napkin ties (ties/runners & sashes in claret to match my bms!), then are hiring table centres from the same company too square vase ones with red roses and outlined with ivory roses, then plan on putting a few tea lights on the table and maybe a scattering of petals...obviously there will be the floral pedestal and top table arrangement etc too but we decided against balloons and stuuf bcz as you said the tollemarch just carries itself so well without the trimmings! Infact I have a few pics on my email of it done up some of the marquee too if u want me to send them to u. Have seen no wedding reports from it, but I know a couple of people (work friends) that have been to weddings there over the last yr/2 and said it was really good/service/food etc was good xxx
  • could you send those pics - that would be great. . wow your wedding set up sounds lovely - i honestly havent even got that far - and kind of dreading it when i do - as not exactly a girly girl - always used to play footy with my brother when growing up - so actually dreading that part of it! please please make sure you and emma1 post a wedding report on their - would be great to hear all about it.

    good thing that there are no bad reports about, and i agree with you totally about the tollemarche suite - its so beautiful, dont need much to make it - just carries itself. x x
  • Aw yes but u have longer than I do - 203 days to go!!

    I will forward the pics to you. I will keep you posted definately! Don't dread the planning its great fun honestly despite the stress!! Thats what this site is fab for - a website full of bridezillas! xx
  • Hello Bosworth Brides!! As Clare said we are having our reception at the Hall as well the day after! We are getting married at theChurch then walking back across to the hall. We are having drinks in the Wolston and the reception in the Harcourt and in the evening the Thornley is our bar which is perfect as the whole area up there at the top of the stairs will be ours they are putting sofas and chairs and tables out there for our guests as well.

    I had a work 'do' there a couple of weeks ago and the food was fantastic and the staff were great nothing was too much trouble.

    Clare is way more prepared than i am! I have booked our florist, photographer and magician and makeup artist (still looking for a mobile hairdresser any suggstions welcome!!) but have no idea on what flowers etc i want. I have at last ordered my dress though and found my jewelery so i guess i'm getting there.

    barbird2 have you set a date yet? Are you local to BH?

    Em x

  • Hey Em, Thats good about them putting the sofa's out n stuff, u've probably mentioned it before and I've overlooked it!! We get the little bar next to the tollemarche exclusive which is nice think theres some sofas/comfy seating there too! There are a few little steps leading straight from the tollemarche to the bar which is always good! Do u know where I mean Em?

    Thats good that ur work do was so successful. I don't know abotu being way more prepared - think ur catching up and taking over gradually!! Are you not usign Elizabeth Ann now then? They have agreed to come to the hall for me bcz I just want my hair putting up and my bms just to have simple half up/half down styles....I did look at mobile hair dressers when I was looking at getting ready at home but couldn't find one. There is one in the bosworth brochure think they're based in Packington but I tried to ring them once and they never answered don't think I ever tried again bcz I decided to stay at the hall! xxx
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    Hi Fellow Bosworthians! Great news that someone has been there recently as I live in London (originally from Burbage) and so havent had the chance though I hope to swing by on the 23rd on way back from ANOTHER wedding in Manchester (we have been to 8 this year and counting!)

    Anyway we are getting married 3 May 08 & thanks to my burning questions we have had email dialogue with Madeline already & she hasbeen great. We are having the meal in the Harcourt Suite (it just looks so lovely when its all done up) and the evening in the Tollemache. The only time I have seen the Tollemache is on wedding fayre when it was full of people & a fashion show so if anyone could send me pics that would be awesome & really make my day!

    WE are having the wedding cake as pud and she has said we can upgade our main course to one of the £1.50 supplement courses. W didnt want a receiving line & she is happy to let us start the reception an hour earlier because we dont want this.

    We havent chosen food yet - has anyone else? We were hoping to have other options given to us but they are so easy going its a case of we will try for whatever you want. I wasnt happy with the buffet selection to be honest as samosas & pork pie afer such a swish lunch felt wrong but I cant think orf what I would rather have.

    We were going to upgrade suite but then we realised £180 is a lot for a room we are just going to crash in plus te junior suite was...well, sweet!

    The only other thing was that in the brochure it said Pimms at £0.75 and its actually £3.75 a glass. I thought that was too good to be true!

    I dont have things like florist, car, hair, makeup etc booked so if anyone has reccommendations that would be great. Am kind of hoping things iwll fall into placce at wedding fayre just like they did at the first one when we booked Bosworth...

  • 8 weddings criky! I have got a couple of pics of the tollemarche done up I will email them to you. We have bought our evening forward to 6:30 too so theres not so much of a big gap between everything. I hadn't thought about receiving lines!! I suppose its a good chance to say hi to everyone!

    We have chosen our food, its on the menu page on our wedding path...


    Watch the drinks things I also thought this but its not!! Those prices are UPGRADE prices!!!!!! We had planned to do an extra round of say kir royale or something at £3.25 but its actually about £5.25 a glass or something as an extra drink!! I have got some drinks price lists somewhere in my email in u want me to forward them to u let me know.

    Florists, I'm having the floral studio in Bosworth & hair+make up elizabeth ann, they are both usually at the wedding fayre...I don't know any others sorry! Not having cars cz I'm stayign the night before,I'm hoping to find inspiration for my jewellery and gifts n stuff at this wedding fayre maybe!

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    Drinks price list would be great thanks loads - have got the pics you sent, was great to see it again actually, its so much bigger than I remembered!! x
  • Hi Bossie Brides! Claire i know exactly where you mean for your bar and seating area, they opened it up for us when we were there as all the seating in the normal bar was full that's really perfect Ohh i'm not sure if i'l ever be as organised as youimage lol!!!! I'm not sure Elizabeth Ann will come out on Easter Sunday so i'm trying to cover all bases. 'm using Catherine from http://www.allaboutstyle.co.uk/ for my makeup, she has been really helful and i'm having a trial early Oct so reetyre i'll let you know how i get on.

    Reetyre are you getting married at the Hall or somewhere else? We are getting married at the Church and i am staying at the Hall the night before so no need for cars (saving some money there!!) the same as Claire (we get told off for the car issue on here lol.......!!!!!) we are using the same florist as her as well!

    Not chosen our menu yet, we are going to give our guests choice (i know i WILL regret that one...) We are going with paying the corkage and getting our own wine Oddbins have some great deals and we gt wine of our choice for the same price as their house wine. I don't think they charge corkage if you are just providing wine etc to replace the drink in your package

    Soooo excited about going to the wedding fayre as i have not seen the hall 'all done up' yet. Don't have pictures of inside the Hall but i've got great one of outside that i'll email you that we used on our 'save the date' cards. Em x
  • Reetyre I can't email you image if you email me i can send you that photo Em x
  • hi bossies!! - not been on for a while started a new job this week. we have a date held for next september. i was wondering when you intiially looked at bh did you ask madeline for a full outline of whats included in the package, as i think they mentioned that they can do flowers, table plans, place cards, but it isnt in the brochure? - is it worth emailing her to ask, even though we havent defo confirmed yet? which was the harcourt suite cant remember? we are getting married in lichfield then travelling on, only bout 40 mins away so think may provide canapes on arrival? they seem the most flexble venue around, especially after readding your posts, about chopping and changing. glad to hear that one of you has been and had a 'do' there. and it was good. mrs young2b your menu sounds delicious, did you upgrade for the lamb?
  • Hi just a quickie i'm at work! The wedding package is in the brochure, nearer the front - after the pages with the room details I think, its printed in a list on a left hand page...table flowers (basic), pedestal, top table flowers, cake stand_knife if u want it, menu+place cards if u want them (again just basic), red carpet, complimentary junior suite for the b+g for the wedding night, but I wouldn't worry if u need to email her/ring up they woon't mind, they're usually quite helpful. The harcourt is the room upstairs I think isn't it?! Infact i'm sure its the room that is always dressed for a wedding breakfast at the wedding fayres!

    What time would u plan to get married? Depends how far apart everything is, we get married at 1+meal around 3 so not doing canapes - plus they're about £7 a head!!

    We have upgraded for the lamb yes, is it £3 a head or something? Can't remember exactly off hand, weren't overlly impressed with some of their choices and really fancised the lamb so decided against 2 choice menu's etc and to go for something a but nice! Plus couldn't be doing with waiting for people to tell me what they want to eat!! This way if they don't tell us they're vege etc they get lamb!!

  • Hiya.

    I'm another Bosworth Bride, although we're only having our reception there!!

    Not sure if we just went with what they offered us, but it sounds as if we can make some tweeks to the package???

    We're only having 32 guest at the breakfast, and then an additional 80 for the evening. We've gone with the bbq on the terrace and the marquee.

    We've loads of questions to ask at the wedding fair, mainly about changes to the package. Looking forward to seeing the lace all dec'd out.

    Any hints and tips would be helpful....

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    Hi guys

    Yes the Harcourt Suite is upstairs & is the one that is always done up for a wedding b-fast at the fayres. Its quite small (only seats 60) but is light as it has huge windows & just looks gorgeous when everything is set up.

    We are getting married 8 miles away in Burbage (my home town) so will ned a car but it seems such a waste for 8 miles to pay near to £300 - I think we might even just get a cab!!!

    We are not paying corkage and are having a pay bar though if we are able to save more than the cost of the wedding (trying very hard right now!) we will put some money behind the bar but when its gone, its gone!

  • Hi 01Aug08! Welcome to the site! Another Bosworth bride hey we're all coming out of the wood work aren't we lol! Congrats on the wedding, bbq on the terrace sounds lovely - the marquee looks nice all done up too! Anything I can help with just email me anytime!

    I agree marie the harcourt is gorgeous with those big windows, if I was having less people I would have had it up there for the meal, happy with the tollemarche though!!

    I understand cars being expensive, perhaps as opposed to a taxi u could ask a family friend with a nice car if they wouldn't mind being ur taxi! Stick some ribbon on the bonnet and there for some nice pics, they might even do the whole flutes of champagne on the way to Bosworth!!

    We're not paying corkage either its quite expensive, we are keeping the drinks package as it is, but upgrading the sparkling wine to champagne....same again if we have any money left over we will out some money behind the bar but if not pay bar all the way, I've never been to a wedding with free flowing drinks all day!! h2b has but only when the family were really rich!! xxx
  • barbird2, congratulations on your new job! How's it going are you enjoying it?

    Welcome 01Aug08! What a lovely idea a BBQ, have you set the date yet?

    We are having the Harcourt for our reception it is perfect for us as we are having 60 people in the day, still working on evening numbers...! Now counting the days till the fayre, didn't realise that they did that room up i knew it was one but not which one.

    £300 from Burbage that's daylight robbery! A friend with a nice car is a really good idea, we are ging to use my FIL's car if it really tips it down (which it wont!!).

    Has everyone found their dresses yet? I only ordered mine 2 weeks ago.... but they have told me it will be here in Jan, so plenty of time for fittings.

    I have a copy of the menu choices that the Hall gave me if anyone wants it. We had dishes from it at my work thing a few weeks ago and everyone was really impressed. Not decided about whole drinks thing, won't be free bar in the evening i've seen how much my team (from work) can drink LOL!!!!!

    Em x
  • Yes it has definately been that room for the past 2 I have been too!! the tables are set, they have chair covers set up and some balloons...candeabras etc..looks lovely! I can't wait to go again either, last wedding fayre there before the wedding OMG!!

    Em, we were quoted £00+ for cars too initially, they usually do like wedding packages so car+chafeur to take the bride etc to the venu, hang about for a bit for photo's, and taking the B+G to the reception venue too...but ur right cars are daylight robbery! I'm still trying to find the right one for h2b!

    Of course it won't tip it down...well with our weddings being 24hours apart I certainly hope not that weekend!!

    My dress should be in end of the year - it had better be or else lol!!!
  • Thanks for the warm welcome ladies...

    MrsYoung2B...thanks for the offer of advice/help. Hopefully all our questions should get answered at the fair, but if i have more i know where to come.

    EmmeE1...we're getting married on 1st Aug 2008, hence the user name!

    Everything more or less sorted. My dress was the 2nd one i tried on and as it was already in stock at the shop, so theres no waiting for delivery. BM's dresses came from the same place, cars are booked (C&G Cars in Nuneaton - old fashioned rolls etc), also got the suits from the same place (some sort of package offer), have decided on flowers and center pieces, have designed the stationary and have started making it! We're working on the readings and music for the church service.

    We looked at using the church at Bosworth, but FIL is a Deacon and is going to be marrying us at his church.

  • Wow 01Aug08 ur so organised having ur cars n suits & everything sorted already!! Can't believe u have decided on table centres and everything! I thought I was really organised, I have ran out of things to do lately...slow down ha!!

    Aw thats lovely about ur FIL marryig u, such a nice personal touch! Enjoy the wedding fayre! Not long now! xx

    ps: so have u got ur dress now then or r they storing it for u?? xxx
  • I got a little excited and it was really easy to get everything sorted.

    The dress is being stored at the store. Too risky for me to have it at home. I'd be wearing it everyday!!!

    We've also slowed down to a stop. Have a little worry every now and then that i should be doing something weddingy! At least making the invites etc has given me something to do.

    We're also trying to decide on honeymoon, but i think we've made our minds up, just not booked it yet.

    I'm a little worried about it all coming together on the day....getting the b-fast room decorated and the marquee with my hair in rollers is not appealling.

    Makes you wonder why people pay planners!!
  • I don't blame u getting excited, I was the same...started off saying 'I will just book this for now...'...but it never stopped there!! I have felt how u are feeling now manier times, but its only bcz u are so organised! I mean u have got a good 10 months+ til ur wedding so don't worry it will all come together!

    Y what do you need to get ready on the day then?? Bosworth dress the tables n stuff for u! You take any extra stuff u need a day/two before tell them where u want it and they do it for you! I'm going to do a picture so they know excatly how it should all be! & may pop down and peek b4 hand to see how its coming along - although might not it might cause me more stress!!

    Plus, we are hiring our table centres etc from the same place we are having chair covers from so they set all of those up too!

    Lol...giggling at u saying u would be wearing ur dress everyday! xxx
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    Folks you know the table centres that are included in the package at Bos, does anyone know what they look like? If you dont have them you cant change them in for something else in the package so I think we will go with them but if they are oasis with flowers shoved in I might reconsider!!

    I am getting married on 3/5/08 andhave just ordered my dress a few weeks ago - it takes 6 months to come, thats the scariest thing! Have ordered cake, favours and bought table diamonds & thats IT. Bridesmaids dresses are my worst nightmare at the moment - anyone got theirs? Havent even thought about the groom yet - where is anyone getting such things from???

    LOVING having fellow Bossies here, its GREAT!! xx
  • Since getting engaged i've noticed how much of a control freak i am!! I'll probably end up 'popping' into bh to see how things are going!

    Where are you hiring your center pieces from?
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