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Between the meal ending and the band starting....

We are getting married at 2pm, and our meal begins at 4pm and will last till 6/6:30. Our band is starting until 8pm. We were just going to make up a playlist of songs (including our first dance) to have playing until the band starts. Has anyone else done this? Any ideas? Don't really know what else to do to fill the gap!

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  • missmennamissmenna Posts: 75
    I hadn't thought of this. I'm having a 2p.m ceremony too. we're having our first dance with the band at 8p.m. I just assumed that with the meal and speeches done (our venue needs 15 mins to move tables out to edge of room) it'd be near 6.30 7ish and i'd have to kinda circulate 4 half an hour till my evening guests get there. R U having a church ceremony, cause if we r and by the time we've done photos we're taking a bit of time to relax and speak to guests with bucks fizz b4 the meal. So perhaps if the meal starts a fraction later, it'd be a smaller gap??? I'm trying not to worry about timings, the venue staff seem to know the order of things and it'll happen when it happens. It does seem a shame to have a nice band and do your first dance to a c.d. Hope this helps. x x
  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023
    Our ceremony and reception are in the same place and we are hoping to only spend 45 mins on photos so will still have just over an hour to talk to our guests. We are also only having guests who are there for the whole thing, there are no evening guests (it is in the Highlands in the middle of nowhere so couldn't ask people to come for just an evening!). . So nobody will miss our first dance if we do it a 7ish. I just want to get the party started as soon as possible! Not too bothered about the dance being to a CD as we thought we would do that anyway - no band will be able to sing it as well as the artist, and it is the artist himself who has meaning for us. Don't want to drag the meal on too long and people start getting a bit fidgety.... Hmmm I'll have to have a think. But I am inclined to think I would rather have some music and dancing to a compilation before the band came on than no dancing at all and people hanging around. Might ask the band if they can start at 7:30pm but don't want to pay more for them, as I already have to pay for their accommodation on the night.

    So many decisions!! image

  • phuong1ukphuong1uk Posts: 13
    Hiya. I know this is going off subject a bit, but does any1 know when H2B and I are supposed to swap wedding cards? I'm giving him his present when we give bridesmaids and best men theirs, but have no idea when we're supposed to swap cards. Same time as the presents?
  • ClementineukClementineuk Posts: 351
    From my experience scottishbride, you will not need to worry too much, the meal will take longer than you plan, as will the speeches and the photos. On the day time goes so quickly that there will not be a moment spare!
  • I would recommend that you start the party with your first song on CD, then get the band straight on as they will help create the party atmosphere. I don't know if you plan to have them do a couple of shorter sets with a gap in the middle... but either way, I think it would work better if you ended the night with your compolation, rather than start it. In my experience, live music tends to get people dancing more than cheesy hits! Hope this helps. Also, another idea... we're starting with our band, and playing from an ipod in between sets, and then after they have finished playing for the evening, we're going to get the kareoke out. This will probably be at about 10 - 11ish and so everyone would have had a jolly good dance, a jolly good drink and will be up for a jolly good sing! well, knowing my mates anyway. Singstar rules!!!
  • larawest_lalalarawest_lala Posts: 466
    Hi All,

    I am having a majician working round the tables at this time, got some pretty expensive qoutes but managed to find one at a recent wedding show for £150. Recently went to a wedding which started at 1 and the meal was finished about 5:30 so we had to sit around for a few hours waiting for it to all start, I have now changed my wedding time till 3 so it will run smoothly will still have an hour or so in bewtween the evening guests arriving. xx
  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721
    We are coming out of the room for an hour, so it can be redressed for the evening (clear dirty table clothes, add tables for evening guest, balloons etc) - so we will be mingling in the lounges and lawns of the hotel. Will be a bit of a breather after dinner.

    Once the evening guests start arriving (7.30) we will greet them and then they will go through to the reception room. Going to have general music played at this time. Then we'll be announced in to the room for our first dance about 7.45/8pm to get the party started!!!
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