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Average DJ Cost

Hi Ladies,

Our venue have sent us a booking form for their in house DJ, it only has prices for 2010 (£300) and 2011 (£325) and we are getting married in 2012 so I'm going to assume approx £350. Does this sound about right?

(Also, I know I know 2012 is ages away but please don't judge my organisation skills!!)

Neither of us are big music fans so we are just looking for a bog standard DJ.

Also, the venue will charge us £50 if we don't go with their DJ.

Anyone had any similar experiences?

I'm just a bit wary about signing on the dotted line as it were and then thinking I could have got something cheaper!


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  • anjcanjc Posts: 182

    I think the average price of a dj varies depending on which area you are in. Ours cost £220 but we were quoted anything from £200 to £400. If you google DJ and which area you are in then it should bring up lots of DJs and you can just email them for quotes. Even taking into consideration the £50 you might have to pay your venue, they might still work out cheaper, if not its worth a try image

    Also 2012 is not that far away, it will go in really quickly. Mine was 16 months when i started planning and its absolutely flying by image . Its good to be organised image xx
  • MrsMJH2bMrsMJH2b Posts: 118
    Our quotes have been quite similar - the venue can book one they always use for £280 plus vat and the quotes I've got myself are between £230 and £280.

    We don't want anything special, just someone to get people up and create a bit of atmosphere. We budgeted £500 to start so it's nice to know we should save a few pennines there....
  • We got several different quotes, ranging from £200 to £500.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    you could ask the venue if you book now will they honour 2010 or 2011 prices.

    Ours is £200 through the venue as the disco reduces their costs. But a friend of mine is a disco agent and he said if someone paid £200 then this is the low end and don't expect too much, unless it is a special rate for regular bookings. Best thing to do is ask people for recommendations if you can
  • Ours is £250 including VAT and has played at our venue before. He is bringing all disco lights and lasers too and is playing from 10pm to 1am. He'll be setting up at 6.30pm with the band though so we are also putting some of our evening food aside for him.

    Our wedding is in 2012 and as we have booked so early the price won't be going up image

    He also has given us DJ request slips to send out with our invites, I've told some of the rels this and they love it, can't wait to get their requests in!
  • How cheeky of your venue to charge you for not having their dj image

    Our is £250 from 7:30 till midnight. He also provides as much lighting and effects we want. Check this as some do charge extra for uplighters etc.

  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    Our venue has a resident DJ and charges £220, I think. We are currently really confused whether to keep him or book a band!

    I think being organised is brilliant..and yes, it will fly by image
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    Ours is £235. We wanted to go with somebody who we knew was good (ours did my sisters wedding 5years ago)
  • Lara1987Lara1987 Posts: 8

    Hi folks, wow, It really does vary a lot. We paid £395, but I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for most of the time! I think the difference in cost mostly comes down to how professional {full time/part time/insurance/booking contracts/electrical safety checks/official website...} the DJ is, the amount of time/hrs needed and the quality and choice of the equipment which is supplied. My husband and I got married in Spring of this year {2015}. A truly wonderful day! We were told that the DJ had to have at least ten million pounds worth of PLI cover and a valid PAT certificate. We searched Google for potential DJ's as we wanted something a little more unique and stylish than what was being offered by the venue. We found Wedding DJ Cheshire who looked and sounded like just what we were looking for. We emailed them and received a reply back within a few hours. Daniel the owner, who is also the DJ could not have been more professional, helpful and friendly. His knowledge and choice of music is exceptional. He happily accepted our Top 30 playlist in advance, and actually played every track on the night! He also tailored the rest of the evenings music to our personal tastes, which complemented the evening perfectly. The sound and lighting were superb with a rotating mirror ball being the icing on the cake! All his equipment is of the highest quality and looks like it is brand spanking new. We opted to book the full premium package. We also booked a few additional hours to have an early set-up, this included the use of wireless microphones and their sound system for speeches and also a lovely selection of classy, relaxing background music for the Wedding Breakfast. We would highly recommend Daniel and Wedding DJ Cheshire to anyone looking to book a first-class DJ. Hope this helps! Lara x.

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