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Wincham Hall in Cheshire

Is anyone getting married at wincham hall or have done? X


  • Hi xxhayleyxx1

    Im not getting married there we are getting married at mottram hall near wilmslow.

    But when I was about 16 my mum and step dad seriously considered there before deciding to get married abroad,

    from what i remember mind u it was years ago, it was quite nice, I think back then it was family owned (not sure if it still is or not) and they also did a package were you got loadz of things like cake, suits ect which can some times be good value.

    Are you getting married there?

  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    not getting married there but brings back memories as half my mates from school used to work there back in the day.

    I am getting married at Arley Hall so a cheshire girl as well. Gettin married in St Wilfs.
  • xxhayleyxx1xxhayleyxx1 Posts: 1,038
    Hi girls, i went to an open day there in jan, and yes they do a package deal which includes food, drink, flowers, photography, cake, wedding car & venue dresser for £3395 so the price looks extremely good, i quite like the venue and the fact that the place will be exlusive for the day, its just abit dated thats my only worry as i always visioned a modern venue, my partner said we can get a venue dreser in to change the room to our taste, i just really dont know.

    I drove up to Arley Hall i didnt have an appointment got there and the place was closed but it is lovely! very grand i would just be scared off it being haunted haha, but i dont think your allowed to stay over there are you ? xx
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