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I went for a meeting with the reception venue last night and they have asked for 3 table plans. The 'normal one' an alphabetical one to go next to the normal one and a further one for the kitchen. Is this normal? I dont know if im a bit dim, but I thought I would only need one. Has anyone else been asked for this?

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  • I can understand the Normal copy and the one for the kitchen, but the one in alphabetical order is a little strange. Are staff helping people to their seats as the alphabetical list would make it faster to find names. Other than that I have no clue x
  • Would the alphabetical list be for the door? So no gate crashers are let in?
  • Hey, The impression I got was that it was if they could not find their names on the normal plane, they could then go doen the alphabetical list and find out what table they were on that way. the parents understood this but I thought theis was strange and would be no need!
  • I'm American, and we usually do our seating charts alphabetically (as opposed to by table) so that guests can find their names easily. It also helps to avoid having people analyze the seating arrangement and wonder why they were or weren't seated at a different table. image
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