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On a budget but would luuuurve chair covers!!!

Hi ladies, we booked our wedding yesterday (June 29th 2012!, yay!) We fell in love with our chosen venue due to the setting or it! However, the room is a bit dayed and I would absolutely love chair covers and if we can stretch to it a fairy light backdrop behind our top table. I really would like the whole fairytale styled room! I've been looking into companies for chair covers and they do seem quite expensive image A friend on facebook has suggested that I contact a lady who does venue dressing. She only did it for her friends and family but has recently set up her own company. My friend told me that she is hiring out chair covers for £2.50 for 2012 and that includes set up. Other companies I've researched seem to charge a lot more than this. Should I be wary or not? I'm new to all this wedding planning so not sure what to do! image xx


  • HelenBPHelenBP Posts: 395
    Where in the country are you?

    I've found my chair covers for £1.50 per chair as it's a new business setting up.
  • Thanks ladies! I'm in derbyshire, Where abouts are you? The company I've found is can you give me a link to the company you're using if they would travel to Derbyshire?
  • HelenBPHelenBP Posts: 395
    The company I'm using are based in West Yorkshire, so not sure if they would travel to Derbyshire.

    But here is the link
  • Thanks for your help. I think maybe the companies would be a bit far away from me? I can check though. What did you think of the company i've been told to use? There's not much on the website but I think that's because they're new. When are you ladies getting married??
  • HisEssexgalHisEssexgal Posts: 900
    We are using white wedding chair covers and we are paying £1.60 per chair cover with sash. xx
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    MrsS2B17, where are you getting married? Who did you book for chair covers in the end? Ive booked Craxton Wood x
  • HisEssexGal- what company are you using? I'm getting married at Friern Manor in July 2012, and the cheapest quote I've had so far is £3.75 + VAT image
  • DanweDanwe Posts: 283
    HisEssexGal & HisPrincess2506 - I'm getting married at Channels Golf Club, Essex and cheapest I've found is £2.75 - would be interested to find out the details of the cheaper one you've found!
  • Hi,

    I am also getting married in essex, and would love to hear the companies you have choosen for chair covers.
  • We are also using Weddingextras4u , nice people and great prices for chair covers, only £1.80 with Sash, set up included, they also do candy buffett and great centre pieces. Dont pay through the hotel venue they rip you off. Heres the link
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