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I think i've put this in the correct place but just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on a line up? Have you been to a wedding where they have/havn't done this and if so what did you think? I was thinking no, incase we ran over time and would hate to keep our evening guests waiting but on the other hand its a good way to see your guests? I might consider just having the two of us and not the parents?


  • MrsC2B4MrsC2B4 Posts: 143
    I might have considered having a line-up if I was having a bigger wedding, but as you're supposed to have both sets of parents, the bridesmaid and the best man in the line up, we'd only end up saying hello to my stepsister and brother-in-law. image

    My sister had a big wedding and a line-up and it was perfect, it was a great idea to meet and greet everyone, at least that way if she didn't get a chance to speak to them throughout the day she had spoken to them then.

    Personally I wouldn't worry about it overrunning if you want the line-up, my sister's day overran slightly but everyone really enjoyed it.
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    I'm not having one...I've heard tales of people waiting ages in line. We are going to go round each table and say hello
  • I'd rather just get round and speak to everyone during the evening, you can't really say much more than 'hello' in a line up or everyone will be waiting forever to get into the room
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    We werent going to have one but then our venue suggested that its a good way of saying hello to all your guests quite early on and then you can relax! We just had the 2 of us, which was less informal and we had 70 guests and it took around 20 mins I think (although i obviously didnt check the time but it didnt seem to drag on!!). Im glad we did it, as the pressure was off then to make sure we got round to speak to everyone!
  • kennerturpskennerturps Posts: 636
    We are hiring an old 50's double decker bus to take our guest from the hotel to the church and back. On the way back we are having personalised bus tickets on a very old ticket machine. We are going to give one to each guest as they get on the bus, that way we get to say hello to everyone in a more novel way! x
  • MrsG2bee1MrsG2bee1 Posts: 71
    I'm not having one, I prefer to just get round the tables to see everyone as I've been on both sides of the line up; i've had to wait in line to get into the wedding breakfast and it took forever so as guest I didn't particulary think it was ideal and then I've had to be in a line up as the bridesmaid and again it seemed to take forever - i felt sorry the guests I could see queueing for ages.

    However if you want one its personal choice - thats just my view after been on both sides. image
  • I went to a rather large wedding on Saturday - and they had a line up. It seemed to take forever, as there were 120 guests. It was a little awkward when we actually got to the line up, as apart from the bride and groom we didn't know anyone.

    I'm not having one, as I want an informal wedding - it depends on what you want really!
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