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Bigness of Cake

RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
We're having our cake for dessert, and I'm going to do different flavours for different layers, so I want everyone to be able to try a couple and have a reasonable quantity. How big should I make the cake?

Fiance wants square layer, then round, then square, then round. I was trying to calculate for an inch border minimum between layers, but then I lost track of overall "cake volume" and think I may be planning for the Cake of Ultimate Giganticness.


  • image Go for cupcakes, much much easier image Will you be making your own cake? I don't have the patience to do anything like that! image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Nooo, not cupcakes! I want real cake!

    And yes - making it myself. I'm obsessed with food and cooking is one of the things I do to unwind!

    We're having an alcoholic theme, though the small top layer will be non-alcoholic for our muslim friends. Chocolate raspberry port cake, vanilla rum cake with pecans and flaked almonds, then I was thinking of something made from Bailey's?
  • That does sound absolutely delicious! I do love cake image The only cakes I can make well are chocolate fudge cake and chocolate cheesecake. Apart from those, I'm dreadful! I bet you'll feel really proud afterwards image About sizes, you could always be cheeky and go into a cake shop pretending to be a potential customer. Get an idea of sizes in there image
  • mrsC2b2012mrsC2b2012 Posts: 734
    hmmmmm, how many tiers and how many guests? thats where to start...... we are feeding 150 guests, with

    1 x 8inch

    5 x 6 inch

    1 x 4 inch
  • I love CAKE!! image

    We are going to have a HUGE cake lol

    You can always have dummy cakes, if you want a big cake, and not loads of waste, no will know it's not real cake, as will be decorated exactly the same all the 'real' cake tiers!!
  • Ami2012Ami2012 Posts: 161
    We are also planning to serve our cake for dessert, we are going to see the company we want to use at the weekend (very excited, there cake is to die for!) But like you I really have no idea on what size I need to be looking at (budgeting for).

    Go to a local wedding fair and talk to some of the cake companies there, I have found all the fairs I have been to very helpful with general queries

  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    I was looking on the M&S website earlier, and they give a guide to portion sizes for each tier size.

    Remember that certain types of cake will not support the weight of other types, e.g. you cannot put fruit cake tiers on a bottom tier of sponge or it will collapse.

    Also in terms of having a non alcoholic tier, you might be better having a separate non alcholic cake altogether. Some of my muslim friends are so strict that they will not sit at a table where other people are drinking alcohol, so for their bits to be touching boozy bits may not be great for them!! And needless to say make sure all your ingredients are vegetarian, I hadn't realised how much stuff isn't!! I offered one of my friend's kids some sweeties but they weren't veggie, it's an absolute minefield!!
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